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Carowinds: "There's more than one way to make a BIG splash in 2016..."

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For the families who visit Kings Dominion's water park, it probably wasn't a choice between "Atlantic Ocean" or "Soak City."


That would be like asking why folks would bother to visit Kings Island's water park instead of going to Lake Erie. 

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Just because Kings Island isn't located in a state that borders two bodies of is NOT an excuse to reject theme. Theming was always considered a major part of the park when it opened in 1972.

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Uh...Ohio has 2 bodies of water on its borders- the Ohio River and Lake Erie. 

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Wow- it may not have seemed like it at first looking at the leaked blueprints, but 3 kids water play areas, a huge new wave pool, and a multi-slide complex...along with tons of new amenities and stuff...and a new entrance...this is one heck of a waterpark expansion, and I see room in that picture for even more new slides for Carolina Harbor in the future to boot. Adding Cirque Imagine is another huge bonus for this park, and I have to wonder what that Plants vs. Zombies ride/thing will be. Add all this to everything Carowinds got in 2015, and this looks like a very solid $50,000,000 spent for an upgrade- these new attractions will be sure to bring in guests for years to come. And they might not have even spent the whole $50 million yet- though I'd think they are at least close, as Banshee and KI's 2012 waterpark upgrades cost $34 million combined and that was a much smaller sized coaster and didn't include new waterslides. I'd have to wonder if there is a couple million in there to possibly build a GCI or something for 2017, as with Thunder Road gone (that's the one big negative I can see about this whole plan), Carowinds could really use a new wooden roller coaster and that would be yet another awesome addition if they really want to keep pushing Carowinds to destination park status.


It will be very interesting to see how Carowinds looks by 2020...

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[...] and I have to wonder what that Plants vs. Zombies ride/thing will be [...]


Assuming they still have one side of their Action Theater up and running (I've never been to Carowinds), PvZ could be a motion simulator film, much like how we used to have Fun House Express in our Theater back in the day before Urgent Scare.

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