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KI TR 7/23/15


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DISCLAIMER: These comments come from someone who hasn't held a season pass to KI since the mid-'80s, and who, since moving out of state in '92, has only been to KI a handful of times.


On July 23 the weather was about as good as you could expect for late July. The sun was hot but there was very low humidity and an occasional breeze. I'll take it any time.


Attendance seemed healthy but not annoyingly so.


This marked my daughter's third trip to KI. She was 5 on her first trip and was 9 for this one. It has been wonderful watching her slowly work her way up from Planet Snoopy to some of the bigger rides, and very hearwarming to ride some of the same rides with her that I used to ride with my mom when I was her age.  In this thread I asked all of you about the WindSeeker's thrill rating and whether you thought it would be okay for my daughter to ride it. She was really curious about it, and based on your replies I allowed her to give it a try and went up with her. She loved it. I, not so much. Heh. There is no reason for a human being to be up that high without an aircraft. Still, I hung in there and ended up riding it with her at least five times that day.


Other random observations from my visit:


  • Pound for pound there is still no greater amusement ride than the good ol' Scrambler.
  • Only one side of the Kite-Eating Tree in Planet Snoopy was working.
  • The KI Miami Railroad was not running for some reason.
  • I was surprised and saddened by how little interest there was in the Viking Fury. The last time we were at KI (last year) it was shut down for some reason. This time it was open but few but us wanted to ride it. It was my daughter's first ride on it and she loved it. It was always one of my favorites as a teen. I'd hate to see it go.
  • Planet Snoopy remains an incredible array of rides for kids, but I'm still skeptical of the branding. I just don't think Peanuts has the popularity it once did. I saw almost no one wearing Peanuts merchandise, and a few quick peeks into the Snoopy Emporium revealed no shopppers.
  • It seemed like the unload/load times for the rides was higher than ever in all areas of the park.
  • I miss International Street being international, Rivertown being about the river, and Oktoberfest being about Germany. At least Coney Island still has a consistant theme. I maintain there is no greater spot in the park at night.
  • Among the firsts for my daughter was her first ride on Woodstock Express. I have fond memories of it as The Scooby Doo, and it was wonderful sharing that experience with her.  Her verdict: "I'm not sure about that one." It was faster than she expected.
  • Daughter and I both enjoyed the new Gliders in Planet Snoopy. Brought back memories of the flying eagle ride from KI's early days.

All in all it was another great day at KI. As the last few trips have been it was really all about my daughter, and I dearly love re-experiencing the park through her eyes, regardless of how much it has changed.





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