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How Many Years Does Vortex Have Left


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Figured I would make a discussion about how long Vortex really stands. 

Someone talked about Vortex not having much time left, Arrow is a dying breed of coasters. So I thought I'd make a discussion, and poll about it.

Yeah, obviously Vortex is still a popular ride, but as maintenance for the ride becomes more scarce, how long would it be before the ride has to close because of maintenance costs, and or not enough parts? We had the chain issue a few years ago, and it took a while before they could finally get it replaced. 

But what if we have a more serious issue, like wheel fracture, or frame fracture of the ride? Or just need a replacement wheel axle that is no longer available, or brake. It's hard to know what exactly can happen to the ride, but something will happen soon. 

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I don't really like answering these things because the real answer is we don't know. KI may not even know. However, I am certain they evaluate its structure from time to time to check how much time it has left.


But it's important to remember: It's not even guaranteed tomorrow.

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really, unless a major malfunction causes permanent closure of the ride, Vortex will not go anywhere. it is indeed one of the highlight attractions and the park. added on that it is the only traditional sitdown inverter at the park, and it would only be replaced by a coaster of a similar style in my opinion. since my next prediction for a coaster is a modern woodie, it will be a while until KI decides to replace Vortex

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Not everyone has the same tolerance for a bumpy/headbanging ride. What's unrideable for one person may not be for another.


I get on Vortex knowing it's going to cause me a migrane. But I ride it at least once each trip because it has a lot of memories, and it is a fun ride minus the headbanging. Pretty cool at night, too.


Vortex definitely COULD use some love. I hope it gets some, cause I'd like to see it stick around for a long time.

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Arrows are fine as they are.


The not so buttery smooth, quick transitions, pops of airtime, and jagged corners make it what it is. Many of them are still hand built and fabricated, with steel bent on site.


Nowadays, less than milimeter tolerances are the norm, smoothness is the go to, and lack of the human element is encouraged. I'll stick to the ejector rows thank you


Now get off my lawn

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The ride on Vortex will only continue to get worse as the ride continues to sink...  Seriously thought, the ride will continue to get worse and the ride ages and especially the metal continues to fatigue.  The fact that Vortex was basically engineered on site like most Arrows makes them very difficult to reprofile.  Instead you are left with a ride that has a finite life that will eventually rust away or be torn down because of the ride/maintenance nightmare it becomes.  Vortex is approaching 30 years of operation and there may not be many more after that.


I take one ride a season and that is it.  Vortex has quickly approached Drachen Fire ride comfort and that is not a good thing.

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Big Bad Wolf

Drachen Fire

Great American Scream Machine

Double Loop

Thunderbolt Express


Orient Express


Just to name a few of the Arrow rides that were built around the same time as Vortex and they are no longer standing.  All for various reasons, but there is only so much that can be done to upkeep an aging Arrow.  They do not age well and as they get older the upkeep becomes more and more difficult and costly.


I am not hating on Arrow either, there was a time when I loved Drachen Fire and would Marathon it gladly.  

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