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Dollywood 2016 Announcement

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Dollywood is the perfect example of quality, not quantity. They have Thunderhead, an amazing (truly) wooden coaster that's been regarded as one of the best. Wild Eagle, the country's first winged coaster. Mystery Mine has awesome theming, thrills, and fun. Tennessee Tornado is probably the best Arrow coaster out there - and the smoothest. Firechaser Express is a must-need for every park if they want a great family coaster. And now, to put the icing on the cake, they have the world's first launched wooden coaster and the fastest. 


Blazing Fury is the only coaster at Dollywood (excluding the kids' ride in the carnival area) I would say could go now. But everything else is so well done. Unlike Kings Island or Cedar Point, there is not one ride that I don't enjoy at Dollywood. They're all great. 

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True, but on the other hand, if it were a real wooden coaster it would probably rip itself apart due to the 70mph+ speeds and be a maintenance nightmare (nearly every traditional woodie that has tried to come close to these heights and speeds have ripped themselves apart or had major issues). The steel topper track may technically disqualify the ride from being a "real" wooden coaster, but the money saved on maintenance probably makes up for that. The only other solution I could see would have been Intamin's Prefab Wooden Track, and while that would have made it a true woodie, it would probably cost a lot more that way- and many US parks seem to not be liking Intamin much ATM. It'll probably be an amazing steel coaster though- and it does still have the classic wooden mannerisms such as how the drops are shaped, etc.


EDIT: Ehh, see next post. I edited this one a bit in hindsight.

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Good point...I forgot about the coasters that have been retro-fitted with topper track, like Georgia Cyclone, and how those haven't exactly held up that well. Hmm...suddenly I wonder how well this, Outlaw Run, Goliath, etc. are going to hold up 10 years from now as those rides also boast huge drops and insane speeds by wooden coaster standards, but were also designed with this new track in mind (versus said Georgia Cyclone & other rides where it was added much later).


Edit: And once again edited...sorry Terp.

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