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PKI: 7-1-04


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My family and I got to the park at about 11 AM after 1 1/2 hours of driving from Lexington. I made them head straight to The Beast because I wanted to see the new special effects. The only thing I really noticed was the new documentary and the noises on the lift, which are kinda muted by the noise of the chain. Even if the effects weren't that noticeable, The Beast is still a great ride. We were able to ride 3 times without having to get out of our seats. Next, my dad and I rode The Vortex, also a walkon. It was a lot better now that my head isn't between the restraints and I really enjoyed it. Next was Flight of Fear, which had a 30 minute wait. This ride was amazing as it always is. I tried looking for King Cobra's cars in there but it was dark so I couldn't see, and I would've felt like such an idiot if I asked them to turn on the lights so I could see them, and they probably wouldn't do it anyway. After FoF, I rode The Racers a few times, and then ate lunch at Subway, and headed over to International Street because my parents wanted pizza. While they were eating, I went on the Eiffel Tower. I met PKI Diana (who is really nice). She was the only employee I was able to pick out because I didn't want to ask different coaster crews if they posted on this site because most of them probably don't and I didn't want to look stupid if I was wrong. After that, I met my brother and his friend and we went to Runaway Reptar, where my brother got in an argument with an 8 year old girl because she line jumped. We then went to Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. It was my first ride on that, and I scored a 390, which I think is bad. We then headed to Delirium and Son of Beast and Top Gun. They all had really short lines. After hitting AZ, we headed to Boomerang Bay. Tazmanian Typhoon is by far the best water slide they have. I tried the body boarding thing (used to be called Wipeout Beach, I think) and I wipedout after like 5 seconds. That was kinda embarrassing, but I got over it. I went to the wave pool for a while and then went to the new racing slides (sorry I don't know the name). The lifeguard said dive, and I didn't because I was afraid it would hurt, and I got stuck (also kinda embarrassing). Boomerang Bay was getting ready to close by then so we took the path back to HB land where I rediscovered an old classic: The Beastie. I used to love that ride but I hadn't ridden it in like 5 years so I decided to ride it. We met my parents and ate again, then my parents and I rode Son of Beast. I then rode Face/Off and Delirium by myself because my parents don't like that ride. It was 9:00 by then so we all headed to The Beast for a nightride. The Beast's crew at night is really awesome. They get everyone excited about riding. I was able to squeeze in a ride on FoF and 2 on Racer before the park closed. The Racer's crew at night is also really cool. The fireworks went off, and I got in the car and slept the whole way home.

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I remember you! Yea, I was training a new person, right at lunch time, and you said hi, it was good to meet you! Come back often, it's tons of fun!

I love PKI and all the different people I've met in the last three years, it's definately an experience, NOT a job!


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