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2016 new park additions.

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Well, for clarity, they are called footings. And yes, flood waters do pose an issue, but some of Coney`s other rides have withstood flood waters before.  


It is time that they added something over on the pool side.  The last addition was Twister, added in 2009.  The rides have received several new additions the last few years, including last years two new attractions (Top Spin and Fender Bender), which  were new additions and did not replace anything (meaning there are now more rides at Coney then there were in 2014), and two more rides for me to have to staff and schedule employees for.

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If they put one in, I'd go. And even though I've lived in the vicinity of Cincy most of my life, my only previous visits were for Fire up the Night. That was so crowded I could barely tell there were any rides.

I'm spoiled by KI, but if Coney got a unique coaster for the area, I'd happily go.

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