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Kentucky Kingdom

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Thunder Run and Lightning Run are World-Class roller coasters that rank in my top 5 wood and steel, respectively. T3 is a roller coaster, and unfortunately that's about all I can say for it. It's better than the average SLC, though that's a bit of a low bar.


Breakdance is a spinny flat ride, but it's a rather rare variety and worth riding at least once for that reason alone.


The Flying Dutchman is the very same one that operated at Kings Island back when it first opened.


Their water park is awesome. Deluge is one of my favorite waterpark attractions anywhere.


I highly recommend riding Thunder Run in the second-last row, left side, with nobody beside you if at all possible. It's truly incredible.


As food in the park goes, I can't really recommend anything in particular. If you want pizza, I've found that the stuff at Swampwater Jack's is better than the other two locations, but it's forgettable to be kind. They have corn dogs at Cactus Jack's (a small stand near the bridge) that rival the ones at Cedar Point, so I like those.


Season Passes are currently $60 at the park, and include free parking and soft drinks plus a 20% discount on all in-park purchases all season for 2016, so if you think you might want to return next year, consider getting a pass, as it may pay for itself in as little as one visit depending on how much you spend in the park.

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Thunder Run is amazing and Lightning Run is good too. The water park has a very unique selection of water slides that are worth checking out. Have not yet ridden T3, so I can't comment on that. I didn't try a ton of the flat (non-coaster) rides, though Fearfall is pretty fun. Also, the locker system at Kentucky Kingdom is really cool as there is a bracelet that opens the locker (instead of having to remember a password). 

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