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Halloweekends 2015

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Cedar Point's Halloweekends is now The Haunt at Halloweekends.



New this year is Slaughter House on the Frontier Trail and Fear-y Tales scare zone which replaces Carn-Evil.


Meanwhile, the daytime is now The Great Pumpkin Fest at Halloweekends.


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I had been checking Cedar Point's website nearly every day for the past several weeks waiting to see details of this year's Halloweekends, and finally when I checked yesterday it was there!  I'm doing my 6th Annual Halloweekends Opening Weekend Roadtrip next week and can't wait.  This year I'm working a half-day on Friday so I can leave at 2:00 and be there at 6:00 instead of the usual leave at 6:00 and be there at 10:00 and have only two hours the first night (and then, of course, we'll be there all day Saturday).  I'll be going with chugh43, Coaster Kid (who hasn't posted on here in quite some time) and a non-KIC member but longtime Haunt scareactor, Johnny.


Sam and I are very excited to see Slaughter House.  I already know that I'm going to have trouble keeping Sam in check when we go through.  He's going to want to join in with his northern brethren and give them tips on the finer details of meat carving and trapping, but I'll have to keep telling him that he has to wait another week before he's allowed to have any fun.  As it is, I may have to concede a little bit and allow him to wear his butcher hat and maybe his nametag too.


I'm also looking forward to Fear-y Tales, but Slaughter House is near and dear to me and I love seeing how CP's versions compare to KI's (ie KI's Club Blood vs CP's Club Blood in the past, CP's Zombie High School vs KI's Kill Mart, CP's Cornstalkers vs KI's Cornstalkers, CP's Eden Musee vs KI's Madame Fatale's).  And then of course my returning favorites, Cut Throat Cove, Eerie Estates, Eden Musee & Cornstalkers.


So, that brings me to my annual question: will we be seeing the return of a certain pirate once again this year?

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^^ I honestly can't imagine SFOG minus Mindbender and Monster Mansion. The three reasons I liked SFOG, in order from most to least, are:

1. Mindbender,

2. Monster Mansion, and

3. Georgia Cyclone.

Removing those first two would suck the life out of the park for me. Thank goodness they were saved.

Speaking of which, I miss all three of those terribly. I need to get back.

Anyway, on the subject of Halloweekends: I like the sounds of the new house and scare zone. I am unspeakably jealous, may I add, that Cedar Point continues to feature Skeleton Crew. :P Unfortunately, I don't know if I will make it back this year. It's entirely due to my schedule--Halloweekends is really a neat Halloween event. It really has its own personality compared to our Haunt. I recommend it if that's your kind of thing!

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Friday night, Cedar Point is holding its inaugural Coffin Races.  Teams of five (4 pushers and 1 passenger) will race down the midway in coffins.  Out of those that sign up, three groups will be chosen at random to participate. 


My group has signed up, hopefully we get picked.  It's a unique way to kick off the Haunt season!



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