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Islands of Adventure 7/22, 7/23, 7/30


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Hello all!!! I have finally returned from my 2 week vacation to Florida! I had a very good time, the weather was fair only having 3 periods of rain. My format for my trips is I’ll do one big topic on each park and just write reports for the days I visited. So this way obviously it’s not in the order of my vacation schedule because we spread out the days. I’ll put the dates on so you can follow along which days I went where, but I’m doing it this way so I don’t take up space. So, if you guys want to read my vacation in day to day order, just skip around to each topic and read the right days if you want. Well it’s time to start my long, detailed, but awesome trip reports, I’ll start out with my new favorite park: Islands of Adventure!

IoA Day 1, Thursday 7/22

We arrived after 1 ½ days of driving on Thursday at 3:30 PM. My parents decided to head into IoA to buy our Orlando Flexticket. Since my family contains 5 people, we spent over 1,000 dollars on the tickets, but it was well worth it. With this deal, you had unlimited visits to IoA, USF, WnW, SWO, and BGT for 2 weeks. We got the tickets and we decided to actually head into IoA for around 3 hours.

Somehow we wound up at Hulk’s entrance, so we go in line at 4:30. We waited 30 minutes for row 2, I love the outside seat because I think it gives the best experience, so I sat on the very right for our first coaster of the vacation. Riding with me this ride and for every coaster and almost every ride was my sister Beth, and my dad Dave. I’m not going into detail about Hulk this time because I have to tell you, I was not impressed by this ride. It felt like another regular coaster ride. But, as I walked down the exit ramp, I realized how tired and worn out I was from the 2 days of driving, so I didn’t rank it until I rode it again.

So, then we ate at the Café 4 at Marvel Superhero Island where we ate pizza and Breadsticks, yummy. After that, we were all tired so we left IoA for our villa at 6:30. We’d be back tomorrow.

IoA Day 2, Friday 7/23

We slept in this morning, which felt really good. We left for IoA and arrived at 11:30. All we did was stroll through the Port of Entry, Suess Landing, and a part of the Lost Continent. Since we were right there, and it was time, we hit the 8th Voyage of Sinbad show at 1:15.

8th Voyage of Sinbad

I must say this was a great show, 2nd best on the vacation. The stunts were good, there were some funny parts, and some pretty good acting. I enjoyed it a lot. 9/10.

While watching the show I always stared at DD-Fire fly over it’s second immelman, so we headed to Dueling Dragons after the show concluded. It was 1:45 when we got in line.

Dueling Dragons- Fire

We waited 25 minutes for Fire. This que is amazing, it’s like a hike getting into the castle, but it was neat. Then the castle itself is air conditioned (bonus!) and it was greatly themed, especially the room with the frozen knight and horse hanging above you, everything was just well done by IoA on this ride. Plus the station was cool, dimming the lights and having red lights on one side signaling the fire side and the blue lights obviously for Ice. Well we slipped into row 2 this time once again with me sitting on the very left this time. We sat in the usual comfy B&M seats. This is a good ride, the layout is very good, but there were negatives which brings the rankings down. The first thing is, it didn’t duel when we rode, which stunk. Second, the immelman’s hurt, they were pretty rough. Everything else was pretty good, but not spectacular. I give it a 7/10. Afterwards, I bought a cool DD shirt, then it was on to Flying Unicorn.

Flying Unicorn

It was a 15 minute wait for row 3. I enjoyed this, it was a nice family coaster with nice speed and banking. One of the better family coasters out there, plus the train was also cool looking. 7/10.

Next, I was sweating. So I led my family into the Jurassic Park section and us 3 thrill riders got in line for the Jurassic Park River Adventure.

Jurassic Park River Adventure

So far the longest wait of the day (40 minutes). We sat in row 3 of the boat. What a cool ride, I love how we just floated along the river slowly but surely seeing different dinosaurs, then entering into the building with the crate holding the raptor almost falling on your head was a neat effect. Then facing the T-Rex at the end and plunging down the hill was awesome, I actually expected to go up, but we went down instead, very neat. The only negative was I didn’t get that wet, but it is definitely my new favorite big flume ride. 9/10

Next we went and saw Mat Hoffman’s Crazy Freakin’ Stunt Show for my brother. It was good, some cool stunts, but not spectacular and they could’ve put more in it. 6/10.

My stomach started rumbling so we made our way over to the Comic Strip Café at 5:30 for a bite to eat. I had some very tasty tacos and a refreshing Coke. Quickly after, we wanted to get wet again before it got dark, so we headed across Toon Lagoon to Popeye’s Bilch Rat Barges.

Popeye’s Bilch Rat Barges

Now this had the longest wait being 50 minutes, but it was worth every second because I actually got pretty wet on this ride. I loved the theming, from the que line, to the ride itself, and it was long, which was a definite plus. I noticed that past raft rides I’ve ridden, they’ve all been short, but this one lasted a while, and everyone got wet, it was great. Probably on of the best I’ve been on. 9/10.

Since we weren’t heading into Marvel Superhero Island tonight, my sister and I decided to race back to DD to get an evening ride in. My parents and bro strolled around and would meet us in Seuss Landing after we rode, so we took off.

Dueling Dragons- Ice

At 8:15 we got to DD and walked right into the station. Since we rode Fire earlier in the day, we decided to get on Ice in the front to see if this was any better then it’s rival Fire. It was a 15 minute wait for the front, not bad at all. This ride is so much better then Fire, we dueled this time, it was dusk outside, so you could see a little bit, and it just delivered a very good experience. The dueling sensation was awesome, and sitting in the front seat did it bigtime. I also enjoyed Ice’s layout better, the overbank was great at the beginning, the zero g under Fire was very cool, the near miss with the castle into the cobra roll was spectacular, and of course the loop against Fire was outstanding. Then the corkscrew of course, and a neat S-Curve into the brakes ended a great ride. Definitely takes down Fire, great last coaster ride of the day. 9/10.

Right after this, we headed to the meeting spot at Seuss Landing to meet with the rest of our group. Our mom joined the thrill group for a ride on the Cat in the Hat!

Cat in the Hat

With only a 5 minute wait, this was very enjoyable. It’s a fun indoor kiddie/family ride following the story of the Cat in the Hat. Nice job on the characters and you were able to hear what was being said, the spinning sections also added, a great ride for the family. 8/10.

Next Scott (my bro) joined us for the Caro-Seussel.


Just you common carousel ride, but nicely themed. You rode on Seuss critters and they all had a lever or something to push that either made there head bob up and down, make there tongue stick out, ears wiggle, or something, it just added to the fune, nice relaxing ride. 7/10.

It was 9:30, so we left IoA. I picked up a Root Beer float at Cinnabon at City Walk. We officially left at 10:00. What an amazing day. Can’t wait to come back next week.

IoA Day 3, Friday 7/30

It was our last day at Universal, we went to the Studios earlier in the day, then came back to IoA at 5:00. This time we hit Marvel Superhero Island first. My sister and I decided to go on Dr. Doom at 5:30 before dinner.

Dr. Doom’s Fearfall

We waited 20 minutes in the yet again themed que, IoA owns all parks in theming, no other place compares. This is an S&S Tower where both sides launched up, no Turbo side on this. I love how you start inside, so you can’t see anything on the outside. It was another cool storyline, we (the riders) were being used by Dr. Doom to give him more fear so he could take down the Fantastic 4. As we ascended a few inches you heard him talking, so he said “Now get prepared to be terrorized!†So right after he says it we launch up and everything suddenly appears before us. The airtime on this was amazing, it just never ended until we hit the ground again minutes later. My new favorite S&S Tower. 9/10.

Next, it was time for dinner. So we met up with my mom and dad in Captain America’s Diner and had some amazingly juicy cheeseburgers, they were very good. Meanwhile, my bro was back at the Mat Hoffman show again, so once we finished our meal, he returned, so he still had to eat. Taking advantage of the time, my dad and I went across the street to Spiderman!

Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

To save time and not wait 90 minutes to ride, we hopped into the Single Rider line. So we only waited a nice 10 minutes for one hell of an experience. I sat in the front right with people I obviously didn’t know and they had young kids, so I heard a lot of screaming during the ride. Yet another great story, we were news reporters wandering the city. So Spiderman jumps onto our car and tells us it’s going to be extremely dangerous. Then we find ourselves inside a warehouse where all of Spiderman’s villains are, and they all do something to us. Then as we run away the fighting begins and the 3D effects take off, it’s just amazing. I loved it was Doc Ock puts on of his steel arms and the claw opens right by your face, and heat comes out of a vent in front of you, just a cool effect. Traveling up the buildings was cool too, and of course in the end Spiderman defeats the villains and the ride is over. Spectacular, everyone said it was amazing, and it totally is, great 3D effects, and it was cool moving along the track. Best moving 3D ride on the planet. 10/10.

Next we had to try out Dudley Do-Right because it just looked totally insane.

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

Only waited 10 minutes for this. Yet more nice theming to keep you somewhat occupied while waiting. I sat in the front of our log, then my dad sat behind me with my sis behind him. What an awesome log flume, hands down the best with the theming and yet again it was long. I actually got drenched on the very first mini drop. But of course it was the big drop that owned on this ride. Flying down underneath the house, then flying up over a bunny hill with water spraying at you on both sides, then landing down for a splash. I was totally soaked, nothing on me was dry, hands down the best water ride at IoA. 10/10.

Well now it was 7:30 and we wanted to dry off a little bit, so we figured DD would help us out with that, so we went back to DD to ride Fire in the front to see if it’d be any better. We waited 40 minutes for the front, and we actually dueled this time. It was a little better, but Ice still owned it in every aspect in my opinion, the rank probably bumps up to an 8/10.

Well, the time was approaching 9:00, and it was time for the big finale. My chance to see what Hulk was really made of, we got in line exactly at 9:00.

Incredible Hulk

We waited 45 minutes, and since this was it for IoA, I dragged my dad into the front line que. I sat this time on the very left since there were 2 people in front of us. We traveled up the hill and I could immediately tell this was going to rock my world. You hear Bruce Banner say it will work this time, then you here warning, warning, warning, and boom, we launch. It felt much more intense this time. I got lots of air on the zero g, it was insane. Then the cobra roll was just huge, and so was the loop. Then the tunnel underneath the walkway soaked me with the mist. Then the corkscrew, the loop, and the turns just kept the ride going strong into the brakes. This is what I expected. All I can say is wow. This was a totally different ride at 10:00 in the front compared to 4:00 in row 2 last week. My new #1 B&M coaster and the best coaster in Florida and of the summer. 10/10,

Next we got Ice Cream again. Then it was 11:00, so we headed out of IoA. Hands down the best day at an Amusement Park with Universal earlier in the day (which you’ll read soon). This is my new #1 park taking down CP. Sure CP has 16 coasters, and IoA has 5, but it’s the experience that takes down CP. Every ride has theming, every ride is great in it’s own way, and I enjoyed every single one. Jurassic Park River Adventure, Popeye’s Bilch Rat Barges, and Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls were the 3 best water rides I’ve been on, and give IoA the best selection anywhere. Spiderman sets apart from any ride on the planet with it’s amazing experience. Dr. Doom gives IoA an incredible S&S Tower. They have some nice shows. Hulk and DD put this park on the map for coaster thrills. Plus Toon Lagoon and Seuss Landing are perfect for the family. I was amazed by this park, and I will never forget any of it, if you’re in Florida, forget about Disney (even though it’s also amazing), go to IoA. It is directed more towards adults and just has everything, I loved it. This was my trip to IoA, hope you enjoyed it, I did times a million.

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Good trip report, although when I went there, I liked the Fire side of DD better. Also, the only water ride I got to ride was Jurassic Park, although the other two there looked really fun also. You should consider going in October sometime like I did, the queues were totally empty during the day, except during the Halloween Horror Nights.

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I agree with PKIguy, fire dragon is better. I bet you liked ice better b/c you rode in the front. The front seat on both rides rules.

Anyway, did you visit any other parks on you trip? When I went down in June, I went to IOA, USF, WDW (all four parks), and Sea World.

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thanks a bunch for the replies you guys. And to answer that question, i rode Fire in the front also at the same time i rode Ice a few days earlier, i just didn't get that much out of Fire, Ice's overbank and the cobra roll were spectacular. I did visit other parks, TR's are coming for those, just be patient, USF is up now. cool.gif

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