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Skeleton Key 2015

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Without revealing any of the secrets....
Several of the Skeleton Key rooms have changed since last year.  I honestly think that it's for the better.  Some have simply been tweaked, others have changed entirely.  
I would highly encourage you not to read the spoilers unless you've done the Skeleton Key rooms this year, but I want to share my thoughts on each one.


Slaughter House

Slaughter House's Skeleton Key room didn't change.  It didn't have to.  This was my first ever Skeleton Key experience last year and continues to be my favorite.  If you know what's coming then it doesn't have much affect, but I remember be pretty startled by the chainsaw guys last year.  This one alone is worth the cost of Fright Lane.


Delta Delta Die

This is just like last year's except they don't try to get people to drink that horrible drink.  I was actually chosen to "disappear."  It was fun scaring my group, but I can tell you that last year in the confusion of taking off the blindfolds I didn't even notice that one of our group members was gone.  When he showed up later in the maze it was like a, "oh, there you are" moment rather than a scare factor.  I would probably add more of a show element to the room itself, but that's just one man's opinion.


Kill Mart

This was one that was tweaked a little.  Last year you had to search for a key that was in a bucked of spaghetti while the zombie was eating the "host."  Now they have one member of the group reach into a guy's "stomach" and retrieve the key.  Of course the person ends up being real and they jump and yell when you reach into the "stomach."  You could see this coming from a mile away, but at least you don't have to get your hands dirty.



Urgent Scare

This one was completely different.  Last year you entered a room in which a grown man in a diaper would make someone eat a bug.  I'm not making this up.  


This year was kind of strange.  You entered a room that had a coffin and a a crematory.  After "scanning" each person they find out that one person is infected.  It was just me and a really good friend of mine in the room.  They found out that she was "infected."  In a very cavalier fashion they instructed her to climb into the coffin and then threw her in the incinerator.  When I say that they did it in a cavalier fashion, I don't mean that they were apathetic or that it was poorly acted - I mean quite the opposite.  They did an amazing job of acting like it was just a routine thing.  "Oh, you're infected.  You have to die."  It was such a mindfreak to see someone I care about "treated" like that.  I mean, wow.  


The only negative thing I could think of was that they didn't do anything fun with the person afterwards.  They just told her to catch up with the group.  I would have done something similar to Delta Delta Die.  Maybe even have the group "rescue" them.  I mean, why not?  


None the less, it was awesome.  I loved it.


Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror

This didn't change.  It also didn't need to.  I hate snakes.


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