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Mike Fehnel back to Dorney

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I certainly hope this means great things are in store for Dorney Park.

Terp, Steel Force fan (and yes, I like it better than

I can think of at least one Force that I would surmise ranks below Steel Force in Terpy's book.


If this is the case, I myself cannot comment as I haven't ridden Steel Force... But I've never ridden a Chance/Morgan hypercoaster (or Hyper GT-X) that I didn't love, so my assumption is that I would enjoy it greatly.

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You do know where Mr. Fehnel was before Carowinds?


Indeed. One wonders if Fehnel himself might have initiated the trade offer, desiring a return to his former team. :P


(Seriously though, I do wonder if Mr. Fehnel decided he liked Dorney better and asked to return there.)

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