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2015 KIC Off Season Poll Series Week III: New Rides


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Going into the third week of the Off Season, I still can't believe that the park is dormant!

Attraction additions are something we all love, as it is something new, something fresh for our park. As we now have a new slide complex complimenting the waterpark to the park in terms of new slides, I have been posed by this topic; what should be the next new ride? Please note that this addition can be anything, from demolishing old/new rides to even a modification of turning an attraction backwards. So, what ride would you put in as the next new attraction?

(Sorry for getting this out late, work has been on my mind, the same of Christmas shopping.)

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A new attraction arrives, then some other park comes up with something better. It's a Vicious Cycle. The fun comes in the form of trying to decipher all the Cryptic clues (and diversions), entertaining every idea from the garden-variety flat, to the next, eye-popping attraction to "take the stage." Something spectacular, perhaps, to fill the void - make the long walk to Rivertown a little more... "interesting?"


Tb, who is paying attention.

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As I said in the last question, demo'ing Invertigo and adding an Inverted Impulse Coaster to Action Zone would be my idea. However, I would also like to have one train on each side of The Racer turned backwards. 



I like the idea of turning one train on each side of The Racer backwards. Here are some of my thoughts

1. Make the tunnel when you walk into the line for The Bat and bat cave, even play some Bat sounds on the first hill.

2. Make The Crypt into a Haunted House ( Return Of Phantom Theater)

3. Re-open Action Theater with moving seats (Last time I was there it was a dinosaur movie and the seats did not work at all) 

4. Boo Blasters On Boo Hill needs to be re-themed, that one was pretty obvious.

5. Put a Diamondback Snake (not real of course) in the water in the final plunge of the ride.

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Here's my wish-list in the coming years: 1) X-base gets a expansion with restrooms and a gerstlauer Sky-roller called Flight Commander. 2) Add a Mack wild mouse coaster with mine themeing inside the old crypt building. 3) Coney mall gets a 2 new flats, a Ferris wheel, trabant or enterprise 4) The worlds first Mack giga coaster in Action Zone, will utilize the SOB station and have a cable lift. 5) Soak City to add a toilet bowl slide, or a pro-slide watercoaster. 6) Boo-Blasters on boo hill to be renovated and rethemed 4d interactive dark ride like CW's Wonder Mountain's Guardian.

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In no particular order:

1) Water coaster like the mammoth at holiday world in the water park

2) giga from sob station to parking lot to main gate. with a huge loop and use the hillside over by The Bat to add height to the drop with a top speed over 100

3) Test roller coaster expansion on Adventure Express. low to ground and keep it a family thrill ride, theming is nice too

4) haunted house with a drop park in the Crypt, 

5) expansion of The Beast, new trains, don't change current track but add on to existing layout

6) car ride between the eiffel tower and back lot, bridges over the walking paths and lots of low maintenance gardens

7) sky ride from the tower gardens to the wind seeker, over half of coney mall

8) huge playground for any age in Planet Snoopy where the petting zoo is currently, look at old pictures of Geauga lake play grounds for scale 

9)Ferris wheel where the 3pt shot is next to The Racer, good sight line with the front of the park and half of coney mall

10) the whip ride inside of kill-mart 


I love to brainstorm new rides and attractions.  I'm currently throwing some ideas around for after dino-alive is gone. what to do in that area and try to reuse the paths.


I like these ideas:

-turning one racer backwards

-wild mouse roller coaster in crypt (I do like spinning coasters tho)


-upgrade boo hill

-adding theming to the rides like bat cave to The Bat and snake in the splash down (I'm a sucker for well themed stations and queue lines)

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  I'd still like to see a top spin, with KD's ride program and effects located behind International Showplace, and next to Diamonback. Of course it could be called, The Crypt. 

  Another set of gliders, for persons out of the Planet Snoopy age group, in Coney Mall . 

  A Whip would be grand as well. 

  Anyone heard form those pickers?  

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Next new ride needs to be in the large flat department, but I feel a coaster may happen sooner than we thought given how quickly Cedar Point is adding coasters again. Only time will tell.


But I desperately want a new dark ride or a very large flat. Boo Blasters only serves as a room to sit and enjoy AC. I'd rather point the non functioning laser into my eye and keep pulling the trigger than look through it's scenery.

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