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New Kinzel bio reveals how famous coasters were created

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I'm not familiar enough with the Sandusky paper to know exactly what's to be expected from various writers...


This is one part I found funny...


The last part of the book is a bit sad, as Kinzel's last few years at the helm were tough, and he hasn't particularly enjoyed retirement. A volunteer group such as SCORE would certainly benefit from Kinzel's brilliance.


SCORE is apparently a charitable group that "provides business mentoring services to entrepreneurs" according to Wikipedia. I'm not sure his "brilliance" would be appreciated by them or the businesses they serve.


Also note that the book is available on Amazon for those who want it: http://amzn.com/0974332461

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Right. That's why I said the article was good for a laugh or two. I know CP is probably the biggest attraction in Sandusky, but still. And papers wonder why people don't want to subscribe anymore. The Cincinnati paper even resorted to having a deal on Groupon recently (discounted digital subscription with optional physical Sunday paper).

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