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Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread


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True, it is the only reason I went to either of mine. I would /pick/ Coasterstock, but probably would have gone to graduation too, for my family's sake.

My high school one, I actually dozed through a good portion. Which was a little embarrassing because I was in the front row near the center, on stage behind the people giving speeches, at the time.

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Sorry I missed yesterday!!

The days are getting colder and colder. Snow begins to cover the grounds. But here's a warm and fuzzy thought! We're getting closer to Opening Day at Kings Island!! 89 days to be exact!!


(Disclaimer: These photos that I will be posting are photos that I have taken myself and these edits are mine as well. If at anytime I don't use a photo that belongs to me, I will cite the source.)

Edit: I just realized I put 4/18/16 instead of 4/16/16

Banshee, feeling ashamed. :(

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A co-worker is staying at Great Wolf Lodge and sent me photos of the parking lot today.  It's hard to tell, but it did look scarified.


Who knew that looking at cell phone photos of a parking lot would bring a little warmth on a cold day?

I'd love to see that picture. :D

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If this were to be true, I would think it would take a parade of paving trucks running from now until opening day to get it done.  That's one large parking lot.  I'd hate to think of how many miles of highway that thing would be equivalent to.

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Could you confirm?

What is the paving company's name?

When are they going to do it?

Just figured it's best to confirm.

John R Jurgensen is the paving company and I was told the project should be completed in the spring which makes sense since the park will be opening in April. How long it takes to repave an entire parking lot that size I have no idea?
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Doing calculations... The size of the lot is 76* acres. (As a guestimate really, since the new parking lot does not show up on google earth which is why the * is there.) and I'd say that's probably how much is really going to remain, there might be new parking areas where the old south lanes were once at.

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