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Tropical Plunge and Parking Entrance Construction Update, January 18th

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Last October, Kings Island announced to the world that they would be adding some exciting new rides to the Soak City water park for the 2016 season.  This includes a seven story water slide complex highlighted by three "capsule dropper" slides.  This adrenaline-inducing water slide places riders in a clear vertical tube where they wait for a few anguishing seconds before the floor drops out from under them and they free fall to commence their wet and wild experience.  


Tropical Plunge is being manufactured by White Waterwater West of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.


In additional to Tropical Plunge, Kings Island announced that they would be building a new parking entrance.  This new entrance will be on the north end of the parking lot and will feature a larger, more welcoming entrance experience.


To see current photos of the construction of Tropical Plunge and the new parking entrance, click here.



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Having ridden these slides on a cruise (NCL Escape) I took a few weeks ago, I can say without a doubt that they provide quite a rush.  The whole ride is over in about 10 seconds, so you don't really get a chance to get your bearings once you've been dropped.  I will note that these slides had some downtime issues on my cruise (only 1 of 2 was operational for most of the cruise, but the two were clones, so the ride experience was the same), assuming they come from the same manufacturer.

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