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2016 JOBS at Kings Island

Italian Job 2005

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You know, I was soooo close to filling out an endorsement form and paying the fee to the Ohio Board of Nursing today, only to realize:


1.  If I worked at KI as an RN, it's only seasonal and I love my current job.

2.  If I did get a 2-day a week job at KI, that would be doable, but where would I stay?

3.  If #2 was solved, who would take care of my pets and livestock while I was away each week.


Sometimes it sucks being an adult!

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I'm just throwing out there that it seems rather sexist to allow women to wear hairstyles that are long, short, middle - no required length, but males only have one option. Longer hair can be just as well maintained and looks just as professional as short. It's also become accepted by society since the 1950s when the dress code seems to have been written...thank you Disney...

To go on, why is it that I have had quite a number of teaching jobs, where professionalism is a high standard, and I've also worked at Dollywood, run by a conservative Christian company, and none of them have ever questioned a pony tail, while Cedar Fair, which runs extremely cutting edge, modern amusement parks, has a dress code that won't allow me to work rides with one? It makes zero sense...so until it changes, no working Beast for me. :(


The long hair on men policy isn't just a policy on paper. It is paid attention to at least a little.

Which I think is good, but also as we kids say, lame.


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Well, one thing I have going against me is the fact I only own an alto sax.  The guy playing sax for the group the last few years played alto and tenor.  I wonder if they want to stick to that in order to have fewer musicians (thus, pay fewer people), though, it would add a bit more tone color to have both saxes (that is IMO, whatever the park chooses the park chooses).


 They did field two trumpets the last few years though, so anything can happen.   


EDIT: Also keep in mind that any instrumentation they choose will be in balance due to the fact everything is mic'd and they are using a soundboard. thus, the argument to add more saxes to balance out the brass that would otherwise overpower woodwinds isn't a valid excuse.  

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