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2015 KIC Off Season Poll Season Week XIV: Best ERT Line Up at Kings Island

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ERT, commonly known as Early Ride Time, is one of the best perks at Kings Island. It's a chance to get some morning, or occasionally night, rides on our favorite attractions. These attractions though change throughout the year, and this year being the most volatile. With changing line ups, a few of us had acquired new tastes for the best rides to have ERT on and some of the worst. So, with the recent announcement of this year's ERT, which year or phase of the year's ERT did you enjoy the most?

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Diamondback for ERT.  Nothing quite like starting the day going 80 miles an hour into some great airtime.  More than once it has woken us up and got us revved for the day.


Couple this with the infamous "Diamondstack", ERT is the best time to get some good rides in before the general public.


To further add, the nighttime ERTs are awesome as well.  While not quite the atmosphere of The Beast at night in the station, it barely edges out The Beast on the track (in my opinion).


Not sure who said it, but agree that Diamondback should be kept on ERT all season.

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