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Land Clearing near SOB Bolt Shed


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From my own experience, and commentary from others who I've asked for opinions, Wolf Pack wouldn't be tremendously missed if it didn't return.


Seems to be the case with nearly half of the current lineup of Haunt attractions...


As for the "land clearing", they've used that area to aid in leveling areas for both Diamondback and Banshee, so it would be of no surprise to see them doing the same for Project '16/'17.

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You're goal kick must have to be preceeded by a 200yd length sprint.

(Please dont ruin my joke and actually measure the distance via satelite :P)


Your [sic] not far off. About 270 yards from the nearest corner of the SOB station, according to Google Earth. :P


jcgoble3, who just had to :)

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This is definitely a giga. Confirmed.

A giga diversion, inversion, or just a giga pile of dirt? Because surely if it is a giga coaster and you are confirming, per TOS you must disclose your source. ...dippin dots guy is not a credible source.lol

Sent from a signal coming out of the Vega system.


according to the Dippin Dots guy, we are getting a dulling Larson Loop! it will be 325ft and will be called Fireball 325! all asides joking of course :)  :)  

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