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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

My Kings Island Itinerary Mark II

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As we all know at this point, I am going to go to Kings Island in the summer of 2016. I have tried asking my friends to go with me, but they are all busy. So I am going to go to Kings Island on my own because my friends are busy. Looking at what I need to improve on, I have decided to make a better iteanrry than my last one. The list of rides I will ride first will start at the top.

Gain entrence to the park at 10:00 AM.

Get tickets for Slingshot and Xtreme Skyflyer ( I will ride these later )

Ride Firehawk ( before the line gets to long )

Ride Flight of Fear

Ride Delirium

Ride Banshee

Ride The Bat

Ride Drop Tower

Ride Invertigo

Ride Slingshot

Ride Diamondback

Ride Vortex

Ride WindSeeker

Ride Backlot Stunt Coaster

Ride Xtreme Skyflyer

Go back and ride any ride that I want to ride.

I will find time to get lunch/ drinks.

End of my schedule.

I just have a couple of questions. How much money should I bring for this trip? Is my list good? Should I change my list at all? Would you do this list? I hope that I can go this summer to Kings Island, and this is what I will base my trip off of. Any feedback is helpful.

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*sigh* How many more threads are you going to create? Seriously, everything regarding your trip can and should be done in one thread.


But since we're here, here's my advice: aside from a plan on where to start (more on that in a minute), I advise against scheduling your entire day in advance. (This is the reason why I despise Walt Disney World's FastPass+, but I digress.) Any number of things can and will interfere with such a schedule: rides can break down, or be shut down for weather, for starters. Wait times can vary throughout the day, so sometimes it makes more sense to choose your next ride on the fly based on current wait times (e.g. go to a different ride in hopes that the line for the ride you wanted will be shorter later in the day). Don't feel like you have to stick to a fixed schedule to get everything in; unless you're going on a Saturday (which I advise against), you will have plenty of time to get everything in even without Fast Lane. Be spontaneous, and you'll have more fun.


As for where to start, Flight of Fear and Firehawk are indeed the best place to start, but go directly there from rope drop. (On that note, you can and should enter the park before 10:00 and wait on International Street for the official park opening; that way, you don't have to deal with the long lines at the parking tolls or front gate that develop right at 10:00.) Your Skyflyer and Slingshot tickets can be picked up after you finish in X-Base; their prices are unlikely to go up in the first half hour or so that the park is open, and getting the tickets before heading to X-Base will probably double your wait times on Flight of Fear and Firehawk.


Money is up to you; assuming you're going to eat meals in the park, plan about $15 for each meal, so there's $30 for starters. (If you have a car and can go elsewhere, there are a wide variety of fast food and table-service restaurants in the immediate area where you're likely to find cheaper prices and/or better service. If you go that route, be sure to get your hand stamped upon exiting through the main gate, and save your parking receipt in the morning so you can use it for re-entry into the parking lot.) Allow $10 for Skyflyer and $15 for Slingshot; you'll probably get the tickets for $5 and $10 respectively, but I prefer to budget more than I need. Also $15 for parking (if you haven't bought it online in advance). So we're at a total of $70 now. Everything else is optional; do you want souvenirs? On-ride photos? Snacks? Figure out what you're likely to buy and add money for those. Generally, if you're planning to eat in the park, ride both upcharge rides, and pay for parking, I'd suggest bringing $100 to allow for possible extra purchases.


Final note: please, please make this your last thread about this trip. Again, you do NOT need a separate thread for every question. All questions about the same trip can and SHOULD be asked in a single thread. This thread can serve that role. Also, it's spelled "itinerary". Please learn that.

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I think you're over thinking this trip a lot.  Spontaneity can add much to a park visit.  Those are the moments you remember.  There is such a thing as over planning, especially for something that's supposed to be fun.  Additionally, I would recommend catching a show or two in the middle of riding and/or after meals.  I also find it odd that you would intentionally schedule crisscrossing major lengths of the park at points in your planned itinerary.


Also, depending on which day of the week you go and you're into power walking, you can knock out that entire list in a under 2 hours if you really wanted to.  

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Here's my suggestion:

Keep the bit about riding Firehawk and Flight of Fear early in the morning and then getting your Slingshot and SkyFlyer tickets. Those lines both get ridiculous later in the day and tickets for upcharge attractions will only get more pricey, therefore morning is the most sensible time to do those things.


Throw the rest of the itinerary away and just do whatever you feel like. On a typical day (yes, even a Saturday, holidays excluded) you should have time to ride everything that you care to ride at least once.


Don't ignore the live entertainment. For the last four seasons, Kings Island has had some of my favorite shows at a seasonal park ever (Cirque Imagine in 2015 and 2014, Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus in 2013 and 2012). I'm sure that the show which replaces Cirque Imagine will be stellar and it would be a shame to be so focused on rides that you miss out on great entertainment.


As others have said, spontaneity can add so much to your visit. After last summer, I rarely micromanage my schedule for park trips. After the tremendous disappointment that was Mt. Olympus, I decided to break my meticulous schedule and visit a different park instead (Valleyfair). It was completely spontaneous and it remains one of my most enjoyable amusement park memories to date. I'm not suggesting you be so spontaneous that you leave and go somewhere else (I normally wouldn't even do that myself, but Mt. Olympus was an extenuating circumstance due to the overwhelming feeling of being unsafe) but no matter which rides you do in which order, you're bound to have a great day, perhaps even a #KIBestDay :P. The difference in wait times at various parts of the day will likely be negligible for all rides that are NOT in X-Base, so just go to the park and have fun. If you must have a structure, might I recommend simply making a loop around the park? It's laid out well for that sort of thing.


Oh, and if you do get multiple rides on some coasters, try out different seats on the train. Many rides offer greatly varying experiences toward the front compared to the back. Diamondback is a PRIME example of this. As is Vortex, but in completely different ways.

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From what I can see, The Beast is not on the list, and personally if I go to Kings Island I always have to ride it. I'd suggest you ride it at night because in my opinion, that is the best time to ride.


Also make sure to keep a water bottle handy or a Kings Island Cup, because walking around can make one thirsty.



Bonus Tip!: If your feet get tired from walking around, go to Oktoberfest and next to Viking Fury, there are barrels that look like seats, they are massage chairs, they only cost a quarter. They will definitely help take the weight off your feet, which will feel really good!

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At this point, I just assume you are trolling...




Just one of many....and not the first time its been pointed out.


But on the off chance that you are just really, really bad at this whole message board thing..


no body can tell you how much money to bring as nobody knows how much you plan to eat while at the park, how many souvenirs if any you decide to purchase, how often you will make use of a locker or on ride photo....


Starting off at Firehawk and Flight of Fear is a good plan, but after that, scrap any plan and do what you like.  KI is not so big, and rarely so crowded that you can't fit the whole thing into 1 day.  I see no plan for The Beast, The Racers, Flying Ace Ariel Chase, Woodstock express, Adventure Express, the Flying Scooters, Viking Fury, Scrambler, Shake Rattle and Roll, The Monster, the Grand Carousel, shows, hand holding, people watching, 2017 speculation or fireworks.  No body knows how long you plan to stay at the park, nor what kind of rides you like or dislike.  If a ride tempts, hope on, if it looks boring, give it a whirl anyways, you may be surprised.  If you get hungry, stop for a bite to eat.  If you get thirsty, water is free, if you get tired, grab a seat on a bench.  Every question you have asked has been answered multiple times, in multiple threads, by multiple people (and often more than once).  I seriously doubt anything has changed in the advice offered up from your first post to this post.  You are allowed to go back multiple pages and refresh and old thread that you created.  Have Fun.

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Blackhole, I'll copy-and-paste my advice for a third and final time:



Quoting myself from another one of your now-locked threads:





Blackhole6670, any and all questions you have regarding your trip this summer should probably be in [this] thread. When you post a new post in that thread, it will "bump" that thread back to the top of the discussion board as malem said so we'll all know to read it. Starting a new thread for every question you have regarding that one single day isn't very productive. Like malem said, you've got plenty of responses to the hand-holding question in the original thread you started.    :) Read through those first. If they still don't answer your question, post in that thread with any additional information you need. 


See ya at that thread over there



As we all suggested in that thread, you must must must stop overthinking it. This one single solitary day that you're spending at Kings Island is going to go terribly if you envision it as the most important thing that will ever happen to you. As I suggested in that original thread, figure out what to do FIRST, what you absolutely HAVE to do, and then go with the flow. It will not help you to carry a schedule around in your pocket. 


It does appear that you're an Internet troll since A ) you never return to the many, many, many threads you create to follow-up, confirm that you've read our responses, or react to what we've typed and B ) you continue to create topic after topic about this same day despite those threads being filled with our responses begging you to contain this discussion in one place instead of starting multiple threads.


As we've said many times now, any and all questions you have about that one day you're visiting this summer belong in the thread you can find by clicking here. My sincere advice: post only in that thread if the thing you're posting is about that day! Any new ideas, changes to your "schedule" for the day, questions, hopes, fears, etc. belong there. We have told you that in every thread you create. More than likely, all the planning you're doing will actually interrupt your fun, NOT help it. We've said that in every thread you've started. So now, let's contain this conversation to one thread

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As others have mentioned, please continue the conversation in the other thread you already started.


Also, for the record, this is how you spell itinerary (which you had misspelled in the topic title.


Bkroz, please leave the moderating to the moderators.  


Topic closed.

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