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Last Operating Day for 2020 is Nov 1st!

Kings Island is now closed for 2020.

Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees

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Hmmm. When I zoom in, all I can see is "Obi-Don!"   

Nothing to see here. Just some trees, and a few engineers and stone carvers working on an 80' statue... move along 

Hi guys!  Long time follower, first time poster.  Just wanted to finally join in on the fun!  This is the first season I've had a pass in probably more than a decade!  I grew up in the area but I mov

This site is full of dumb ****s..I hope the burn The Beast to the ****ing ground, talk about force less, enjoy ur bland ass kiddie park.


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Talk about spelling and Grammar errors omg

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What was KCKC like? Also, is it true that you could see the old photo booth when exiting Crypt? Can you still see it from Rivertown?

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Here's a picture of KCKC.


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For those of you that may be curious about KCKC's removal... here's a few pics, taken by your's truly, shortly after KCKC was closed to make way for Tomb Raider:







I have more, but will need to dig them up...


KCKC was a hydroflume made by Arrow Corporation.  They made several - Cedar Point had one, Six Flags parks had a few etc.  Hersheypark still has theirs (it may very well be the only one still in operation - at least the only one with the original "hump" at the base of the drop) but most of these types of flumes have long since been removed.  They were, as I understand it, very high maintenance.  Several of them had boats jam up on the dual drop - so often (as was the case of KCKC in later years) one side of the drop chute was not operational.  I believe KCKC only used the right chute (riders right) from 1992 on.


For those that didn't get to ride, some of the "quirks" of KCKC were:  the rotating load station (many people would trip or fall when they stepped from the rotating platform onto the non-rotating center), the very "jiggly" lift that rattled constantly, the lift recording "Please remain seated, keep arms and legs inside the boat at all times."  Also, little know to the public was the fact that there was a full basement under the station - used for maintenance and employee breaks.  Also, the flume was known to have "visitors" from time to time.... turtles, geese and, yes, snakes.


As for those curious about it's placement in the park - the base of the 1st drop on Diamondback is essentially where the base of the drop of KCKC was.


As far as the original question about a photo booth... KCKC never had an on-ride photo booth.  The booth you may be referring to was built for Tomb Raider.  It was still present for a number of years after Tomb Raider closed and was visible from the Rivertown midway.  The booth has since been demolished afaik.  The new WWC entrance path travels in the area of the former TR:TR photo booth location. 


Trivia:  Before The Beast had it's exit re-routed and the on-ride photo booth added, there was a "Beast Tamer Photo" Kodak picture spot located beside the lift of KCKC.  Riders from Beast used to exit the coaster from the opposite side of the station, and there was a "hut" where they could stop and have their picture taken in front of The Beast's logo.  In addition, there was a "Kodak Picture Spot" located to the right of the KCKC drop.

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I also believe that Kenton`s Cove Keelboat Canal never operated during the 2001 season.  2000 was the year that the original log flume that came from Coney was closed and started its refurbishment.  Then it reopened in 2001, at the time that KCKC started to be removed.


It was a fun ride, although the water had a certain odor to it.  When in line you could see fish that were in the water...

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Kings Dominion has a tunnel just like that. I think it's over by Grizzly and the water rides.

Well. Kings Dominion has a floral tunnel. But yes without the vines it looks pretty much like that. If KI turns this into a floral tunnel that would be AMAZING. Because honestly KI needs to work on its appearance. (Just look at tower gardens...)
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I thought we came to the conclusion that the Major Key thing was just some reference.


Perhaps I missed that...


I'm just saying that the trains seem to have been a recent theme. 


Pic of green train - what KIC is looking for cannot be found on this train


Pic of blue train - what KIC is looking for can only be found by those who know it's there (or where to look?) (No actual mention of the train in this one)


Pic of blue train - major key


The only difference (that I'm aware of) on the trains is their color, the color of the cars they pull, their name and the number on the front.


Idunno, I just think it's using the train in the photos is intended to get people to focus on the train to look for a clue rather than the actual location of any clue(s).

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Also KCKC was where I learned what certain pot smelled like....occasionally you could get a whiff of something up high with the trees

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Who knew the ghost of Missouri Jane likes Mary Jane? :)

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Kings Island Expo posted the layout of the new ride on their Facebook page. They said they took the photo from Mason public records. I will not post the layout picture on here out of respect for the this site and the park. If you want to see the layout, go to KI Expo's Facebook page and see for yourself.

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So....what is it?  Hard to get a sense of scale on this.  I don't see a lift hill.  I'm not experienced with blueprints for coasters, but this doesn't look like any kind of coaster I've ever seen.


I guess at this point, it's safe to say it's not a giga, if that's the plan.  Bah humbug.

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