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Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees

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Not that I'm part of the PC crowd.  But thinking about all of the recent mascot/team renaming, I would doubt if Native American Indian names are even in the running...



 I thought about that too, but very few people think Indian when they think Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

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Maybe the double-axe flat would go well with a nice, new wooden coaster!

Sorry for the re-hash, but I'd love to see this concept employed:


I'd be extremely happy to have one of these. One of my favorite flats, and it would fit Rivertown extremely well!!! Maybe next year... And as far as I know(I could be wrong) Zamperla flats aren't too expensive.

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^^^ IF it is a RMC it might have some wood. "Wooden" is not something there is likely to be agreement on, ever.

The plans were submitted to the city. Can we be 100% sure they are "real", no. Some people say thinking otherwise is "crazy", but I personally don't put it past a government entity to engage in subterfuge in collusion private enterprise. It has happened in the past.

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Does everyone agree this is going to be a wooden coaster? Are we for sure those "leaked" plans were 100% really submitted to the city?

I personally went to the city and took a look at them. Even posted my own pictures in this thread.

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