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Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees


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^^ Maverick being down or not has no affect on my trips to CP, at all.

I will have to say Maverick valleying probably is a a big deal to the park, though. First, it was the first time it has valleyed in 3 years. So it's not like it's very common. We sat for about an hour watching them work on getting the train up out of its valley. Those guys were working their butts off. And the train did not move in that hour. It valleyed at 10:30ish, by the time we left at 5:30, they were still working on it.

So with the extra money the spent(labor), to the longer lines (Maverick's line is always a healthy line, you take that away and people will be in other lines, adding to the wait time means less time for food and shopping breaks) I couldn't imagine it not being a big deal.

I do agree Maverick doesn't valley much. But last fall it valley out during morning testing on a cold and very windy Friday. Iron Dragon did the same about the same time. It was during Halloweekends!

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I want to add this to decoding...

I found this video about where roller coasters come from, it features Matt Ouimet (Who is the CEO of Cedar Fair) and the VP of P&D Rob Decker.

Specifically, I heard a part of Ouimet's speech about what's coming to what parks and I heard something very interesting...

It specifically happens at the 3:20 mark of this video, in which he talks about doing work on the fountains in the "Kings" parks, referencing to Kings Dominion and Kings Island.


He said they started with Canada's Wonderland, and I know that KD recently had their fountains worked on...


So, putting things together. the KI fountains are going to be worked on soon? "General Park Refurbishment" I think is the category that's in...




I'm honestly tired of talking on here and not decoding anything new, so I'm going to post this here in lights that we have something new to talk about that is KI related, and not Point related.



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Seriously, Vortex is one of my favorite rides at the park. It gets way too much crap for what it is: an intense yet fun Arrow Custom Looper. 7-1 is by far my favorite seat, however I must admit that 5-1 is the smoothest. Not to mention, I've never gotten a headache from Vortex, or any roller coaster, for that matter.


If you want a rough ride, see Invertigo, or even The Beast.

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Yes, really. At this point, until probably Coasterstock. We're just talking about whatever is occurring at other parks and not even trying to figure out what is coming to KI. Especially since we're open on the weekdays.

No one is riding rides and figuring things out?
No one is checking areas to see for new survey markers and marking them on a map?
No one is posting any viable information?
No new hints around the park at all?

They could easily sneak something into Action Zone just as much as Rivertown just to throw people off.

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I mean they have the land to pretty much put something anywhere in the park. I would assume they won't put something by Banshee. Rivertown needs a new ride. Nothing since I guess Diamondback. Also with "The Crypt" being dead....that area needs something else.

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I think the area that needs some more traffic flow is back by WindSeeker. It is absolutely the most deserted area that has rides in it. 


I personally would love to know what is going on, but all will be revealed in time. Until then all we can do is go with what we have, which isn't much at this point. 

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