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What ride did KI make the biggest mistake in getting ride of


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The last couple years of Kenton`s Cove Keelboat Canal, the ride was really starting to show its age. I am glad that they renovated the original log flume (that actually opened at Coney in 1968).  Keep in mind that while Tomb Raider was the direct replacement for that ride, Diamondback traverses through the area that was the final drop of this ride as well.

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For me, hands down, is the original Antique Cars.  Partly because of the ride itself, but also due to its proximity to the Eiffel Tower and International Street.  The Tower is the hub of the whole park - and has definitely earned "iconic" status - and I feel that that area around it should reflect that.  The Italian Job, and now BLSC, would have been fantastic in Action Zone, and would still fit perfectly to this day.

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It would be interesting to see how the area would look if Paramount hadn't removed the original Antique Cars, and then Cedar Fair removed only the abandoned side and built Mystic Timbers (or a different name/theme, but still a Rivertown GCI) interwoven with the operating track. They might have even had enough clearance to both go through and cross under the covered bridge on the abandoned side.

Heck, maybe the then-clear side of the covered bridge could have been the holding brake that the Shed acts as for three-train operations without baking the riders waiting there, with the transfer after that leading into the station...

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