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First in Line Opening Day (4/16/2016)


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I live right around Kings Island and made the decision since the park closed to come on opening day. 


On the 16th I awoke at 6:30AM in order to be able to be to the park by 7:30AM so I could be one of the first in line at the park.  I decided to wear pants after looking at the temperature outside and the forecast the night before, wearing pants ended up being a major mistake.  After arriving I was the first one at Kings Island, figures.  The main reason I had decided to go so early was to insure I beat the huge lineup of people outside the park.  I meet several people in line and one of whom I spent the rest of my visit with (dragsterguy21).  I ended up hanging out with two people one of whom I forgot. 


At 8:00AM I was interviewed by Fox News and had my picture posted on the Kings Island's Twitter.


Fox News Video (Sorry for the "ScreenFlow" watermark): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAVau-S8eAo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author


I picked a good turnstile and ended up being one of the first in the park and began my run to Diamondback.  I ran the distance to Diamondback with dragsterguy21 and we successfully occupied the first row on the first train of Diamondback of the official season excluding Preview Night.  After the ride we meet up with another person who rode with us for the rest of the trip.


By the time we got off of Diamondback the line stretched past the Diamondback merchandise/picture store and was very close to the Snoopy Grill.  We as a group took a minute to relax after running to Diamondback and decided we were going to go over to the Banshee to be on the first train of that.  On the way out of the ERT area we saw the LINE that had formed just in order to get to the ERT area.  We got into the massive crowd that formed at the rope by Banshee: we managed to be pretty close to the front.  By 10AM the line stretched all the way from 20-30 feet past the KI Theater all the way back to International Street.  After the rope dropped we ran to Banshee and got onto the first train (not the front).  After riding Banshee we decided that we would try and get onto The Bat before the lines got long (weren't on the first train though.)  Afterwards it was almost 11AM and we decided it would be best to eat before the lines got too long.  We decided that Panda Express would be the best so we got in line and ended up waiting 20 minutes instead of the hours that would soon follow. 


After Panda Express we decided that Racer was in order and after that we got back in line for Diamondback.  Once we got into the station for Diamondback I decided to break off and waited for front (second time).  After the second ride of Diamondback I decided it was time to leave as the lines were getting too long.

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