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I have a question about B & M track that I'm sure someone on this forum knows the answer to: 


I have now seen two B & M coasters, Silver Bullet (Knotts) and Superman (SFGrAdventure) with large holes in the spine of the track.   These holes are empty and serve no visible purpose.  I was told that they may be for a brake that was not fitted (which I doubt).  Personally i'm guessing it adds some sort of torsional stiffness to the track.


Silver Bullet's is right after the Cobra Roll, immediately after the camera. (First Picture)


Superman's is after the pretzel, under a brake section. (Second Picture)


In both cases the train would be pulling more than 1 G but certainly not the peak G load for the ride.


Ideas? Answers?  I'm open to both.




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Actually, they are for brakes (picture is Behemoth, I believe). You can even see the mounts for them on the spine in the Silver Bullet picture.





Hey, I took that photo! Funny seeing where your own photography will end up...


And yes, it is indeed Behemoth. 

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How's Nemesis? That ride looks like it's about to bust. I'd be interested in how it rides and furthermore, if it has a good number of years in it before a dearly unfortunate demolition.

What do you mean by that?

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