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How big is too big? Rider Safety Article

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Great article above.... very interesting, especially since I am too big for some rides, but I am working on that. I want to be able to go to Cedar Point and ride every ride I can except for obvious ones I will not fit into(CCMR or Wilderness Run). I find it very interesting that the article says Clamshell restraints by B&M are accommodating, which is certainly not the case for me at all. I think the way my body is proportioned makes it difficult, My weight is more in my thighs than my stomach. I know I can fit into B&M OTSR because I went on Montu, Kumba and Sheikra last year, Maverick I will probably be able to ride since I rode Cheetah Hunt with no issues. 


I hope my quest is successful by the time June-July comes around, walk of shames are very embarrassing.

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Thank God for the tests seats that are accurate. I haven't had a walk of shame before, thankfully, but that's because those test seats are available and I know the few rides I need to skip. (Wicked Twister & Raptor being the only ones so far.)


I've noticed the older a coaster is, the easier it is for larger riders to fit, which is odd considering people on average were smaller when Blue Streak and Racer were built.


The B&Ms have the larger rider seats, but even those don't work for some people. While I think it's important to eat healthy and try to exercise, I do wish the newer rides could be a bit more inclusive. People over 6'2" or people with different proportions in their chest or thighs shouldn't be deprived of such an awesome experience. And for height, that's not something you can change.


I realize they need to be a bit more "form fitting" so to speak because of the nature of these newer coasters, they have more inversions, greater forces, etc. But they could accommodate a greater variety of rider body types if they made it a priority, I think. I guess there's just no incentive to do so yet.

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Not where I thought the article was going lol.


Haha were you thinking they were talking about the size of coasters instead of the riders? If so that's what I thought it was about before I clicked the article. Either way I was glad to see that the information was really good. Most articles like this butcher names of coasters, manufacturers, and how the rides operate. 

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Many amusement park rides incorporate safety

systems designed by the manufacturer to

accommodate people of average physical stature

and body proportion. These safety systems may

place restrictions on the ability of an individual

to safely experience the ride. Extremely large or

small individuals, guests who have heart, back or

neck trouble, pregnant women, people who have

had recent surgery, people with casts, braces,

restrictive devices or disabilities may not be safely

accommodated by these systems.

From the 2015 Guest Assistance Guide: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/images/uploads/file/Guest%20Assistance%20Guide%202015-KI.pdf

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Well written article about some popular rides and having taken that walk of shame from Millie last year was not fun. I didn't think I put on much weight from 2014 to 2015 but since that belt didn't click away I went. Very sad. Hoping the off season weight program did its job. Hope to report success on June 6.

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The only issue I have with size restrictions is lack of consistency. The Cedar Fair B&M Hyper coasters require 3 clicks (I am not sure if that is the correct term or not) yet other chains only require 2 clicks. I can sort of understand it since its within the same chain of parks with the requirement although if someone is safe with 2 clicks on some of the coasters 2 clicks should be safe enough for all of them. The Impulse coasters are worse. Wicked Twister has a reputation of having much shorter belts compared to Impulse coasters in other Cedar Fair parks like Steelm Venom and Possessed.

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