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Question - After 4p.m. ticket prices

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Does anyone reading this know if the 30.99 price for an after 4 ticket is the same price at the gate as on line.   Just trying to avoid the processing fee.


Thanks for any insight you can give!

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I have not heard anything about the after 4 ticket this season. I suggest calling the park to get an official answer.

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Sometimes, I wish there was a season-long Accesso pass.


Processing fees from renewing a season pass, buying tickets for events like CoasterStock/CoasterMania/Banshee Brew Fest, buying a bring-a-friend ticket, and adding pass upgrades like FunPix can really add up.

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The silliest was last season when I went to buy a ticket for the KI Kicks Cancer comedy show. I decided to buy at the park during one of my weekly visits because I didn't want to pay the $6 Accesso fee for the "convenience" of doing it online. When I tried to buy one at the ticket window, they had no way for me to buy it other than through the website. So, they had me buy it through the website on one of their computers, then refunded me six Beagle Bucks at Customer Service.

I don't see how Accesso is any better for the park than it is for us as customers. I know there are online payment processors with fees way less than what can often become a 15-20% surcharge (our business uses one). Yes, the park has us pay the processing fee directly rather than eating it as a cost of business or building it into prices like most places, but it must have a cooling effect on sales.

I'd like the money I spend for things at the park (especially a charity event like the comedy show!) to actually benefit the park rather than some shady third party charging way more than their "service" is worth.

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