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Unsafe.....their maintenance dept's budget isn't that low. Just alittle rust here and there, SIX FLAGS Kentucky Kingdom let Greezed Lightning be covered in rust, almost appearing to have rust holes in place while operating.

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I was there on Friday. I didn't ask about the delay for the entry into the park. I had arrived around 9:15ish to see three long lines of cars waiting a fair distance from the tolls. For those that have been there, the first set of cars were about halfway between the tolls and Cabella's. Cars weren't allowed into the tolls until sometime between 9:31-9:40ish. They didn't scan my pass but just waived me through. I didn't look to see if they were just waiving everyone through.

Long lines for security and bag check as we all waited outside the park for them to let people in around 9:50a.

I was there until 2ish and didn't see WindSeeker or Carolina Skytower running any of the times I thought to look. Carolina Cobra and Hurler weren't running either when I went through. I don't know if any of that was or wasn't related to the power outage.

Edited to clarify that I don't know why those four rides weren't running while I was there on Friday. :)

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