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6/11-6/12 at KI


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So, this is the first year that Trey and I had been since he reached the magical 48" mark. We arrived at 10. Like the new front gate other than the last two lanes on each end are confusing as the sign flashes/changes from Gold Pass to Regular Parking. Had to switch lanes twice to get it figured out. Anyhow, paid for preferred parking and it was well worth the extra $7. 


First ride of the day was The Racer. Only running the red side and Trey loved it. Had me hold onto him as usual (wound up riding Racer 3 times). Next, we went to Adventure Express. He loved this one as well. Said he particularly liked the ending (got 3 laps on this one as well). After that, we rode Viking Fury. He thought it was a pretty cool ride. Then, it was on to The Bat. He thought it was a pretty wild ride, but commented that he wished it was longer (rode twice that day). So, we had been talking The Beast and Vortex, but he said he was not going to ride either one. Wasn't going to pressure him either. After The Bat, we went back to Coney Mall to ride Shake, Rattle, and Roll (two turns on this one for the day). Really liked that one as well.


It was a hot 94 degrees. Love that every ride op was letting you know that cups of water are free so no one gets dehydrated. After SR&R, we went over to Backlot Stunt Coaster. He thought the launch was really cool and the helicopter scene as well (rode this one twice as well). So, during the day, I kept talking about The Beast. Finally, after our second ride on The Bat, he agreed to ride The Beast. The wait was about 15 minutes. I held onto him of course, but he absolutely loved it. We went to view our on-ride photo. I bought it and then realized you couldn't see him. The girl offered a refund. I told her we really wanted a photo, so she said next time you ride, I'll remember you and give you one. About 2 hours later we rode again. This time, I sat him on the other side of the train and it got a good photo this time. Only one problem. The girl working the photo booth was gone. I explained to the guy and he said he would call his supervisor. After he got off the phone, he looked through a small stack of photos and found ours. He proceeded to print us off one and explained that his supervisor had told him to match me up with the other one. Once again, great service from the folks at KI.  


After riding The Beast for the first time, Trey said to me, "I'm thinking about The Vortex." I said, " Well, let's walk over there." He would up riding Vortex 3 times and decided it was a tie between The Beast and Vortex for favorite ride. Bought on-ride photo on Vortex as well. These photos are well worth the money as it captured his sheer terror on these rides. He loves them, but is absolutely terrified.


About 2:00, we decided to go check into our hotel room at the Super 8 in Mason. Grabbed lunch on the way out at LaRosa's on International Street. $30 for the two of us to eat lunch. Beyond ludicrous. I understand you get two slices of pizza, two breadsticks and a drink, but still way too much. Super 8 turned out to be a really nice hotel with pool.  Got a little rest and then headed back.  My one complaint about the staff, which wasn't a huge deal. When we returned from our hotel, I showed the people at the front gate my receipt for parking, to which I was told preferred parking was sold out. I can see how that happens, but you couldn't have possible sold my parking space. He called over to the booth, then told me I could try to park in there, but I might have to park in regular parking. As soon as I pulled in, there were 10 spaces open by the back fence by the booth. So, I decided to just drive up and down the rows to see if anything closer was available, starting with the front row. There were four spaces in the front row, so we wound up being able to park closer the second time. Just miscommunication I suppose.


We also managed to get in a lap on RCFYL which felt amazingly good. Also, rode Woodstock Express, which he loves. Kinda aggravated me that two cars in front of me, a girl decided to video the whole ride with her phone. Nothing said to her at all by staff.  We also managed to ride Flying Ace Aerial Chase once, which Trey still loves. 


I let him try two different games. He didn't win anything, but had fun anyway. Not sure I care for the new card system for that.


All in all, we had a great time at Kings Island and every staff member I spoke to was extremely friendly, courteous, and helpful, which is what I have come to expect when visiting.


When I get the time, I'll post some pics from our day. Most are selfies in the stations.



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That is an amazing, vivid trip report! Enjoyed it very much!

You'd be surprised the parking spots you can find, returning to the upgrade lot later in the day! And I laughed out loud about the entry plaza. I'd love to see a time-lapse of all the shuffling cars do when the lights keep changing colors... Great TR!

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