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I miss Kyle of Sparta from a couple seasons ago on The Beast.  He always seemed to enjoy the mic and made me smile. Most spielers I just end up tuning out though because trying to follow along is like nails on a chalk board.


look at that, he's on youtube 

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Just remember, these young men and women are doing exactly what senior management either wants or at least tolerates. It's NOT their fault. They do as they are told or they won't be there long. Ma

If spieling adds personality to a ride then I don't like the personality. Plus, (this one's for you, Terp) wouldn't it be better from a legal standpoint to have canned spiels to ensure a consisency o

Just never, ever give up the Eiffel Tower spiel. Millions of people know that the tower is a 1/3 replica of the Paris Eiffel Tower, and I've never, EVER witnessed anyone spitting or dropping anything

Getting consensus here is like herding cats...  Obviously there is some difference of what people would like or expect.  


Maybe take it up with the park?  If you observe something, go to guest relations and tell them.  Good/bad/ugly, they seem receptive to user experience comments.  

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Well after reading the comments this news will make people happy. Rumor has it the rapper gal from FoF has been promoted to train supervisor. I am sure the train spiels will be more delightful...

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