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Seeking some information about things moving around.

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So I haven't been to Kings Island in quite a few years, like when Diamondback was the newest ride. Anyway, I've heard quite a few things have been moved or removed.


I'm looking for information on the main things like rides that were removed, or moved, or had their line completely remade? A friend of mine told me that WWC had its line completely moved away from the funnel cake stand and lockers, and that congo falls was removed or in the process of being removed, he was there 2 days ago.


I am planning a trip up there on the 19th so I'm hoping to get some information some I'm not wandering around like "Where di this go, why this no here".

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The only thing that has been moved, that I know of, is WWC's entrance, presumably to make way for......something.


The only big thing I can think of being removed since Diamondback was built was Son of Beast, with Banshee being built (somewhat) where it was, kinda. And The Crypt, it's just an empty building now.


Besides them you should find everything else where you left it.


Welcome to KIC, and enjoy your trip!

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It's funny, I looked over the thread again and the fanciful comments about things moving make it sound a bit like I was pulling the OP's leg about the funnel cake stand. Seriously? They tore down the funnel cake stand just to rebuild it across the way? Why would they do that? :)

There is something happening in Rivertown that necessitated the movement of the stand and WWC's entrance. We're not sure what yet, but it looks like it will be a new coaster.

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