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Christmas In July 2016

Creed Bratton

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I hope they do it up.... Something over the top fun. Maybe a Star Shower alley with Christmas music... I'm going to guess that the event will take place in FestHouse... In there they could use the fake snow machines and certainly show movies. I too hope they sell t-shirts and other Christmas stuff.

Maybe they will have Christmas Peanuts characters!

Edit: and maybe summer type versions of Christmas treats... Turkey panini and ginger bread ice cream.... Cranberry spritzers and peppermint chocolate.... Growl....

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Already setting up the Christmas decor. Sigh.

I remember a time when Christmas didn't happen till after Thanksgiving.

The way it is nowadays, By the time it gets here I'm just glad it's over. Doesn't help my better half likes to start so early. And the movies I see so many Christmas movies I can't hardly take it.

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Don't have one, but I'll probably wear Christmas t-shirts the two days I visit that week.

I talked to Don Helbig on Thursday at the park, and I don't think any of this is privileged info. The breakfast with Santa will be held in the Festhaus between (IIRC) 8 and 10. There is no discount for meal plan holders, because they want to somewhat limit the number of people taking part in the event so all the kids will have a chance to give their lists to Santa.

I didn't ask about the movies because I assumed they would be late at Soak City, like the Dive-In Movies, but I realize I may have been mistaken there.

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Wish they would also bring back the Turkey dinner to the Festhaus at KI for Christmas in July just like they are doing at Dorney - such good KI Winterfest memories

Well there is a park in southwest Indiana that has a Turkey dinner everyday, and sure is good. Just saying lol.

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