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Christmas In July 2016

Creed Bratton

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Doesn't show up very well but it is snowing now.

Inexplicably, even though they had custom t-shirts made for their employees for this week-long event, there is no Christmas in July merchandise available to buy. I asked in the Emporium, and she called in to make sure. I don't get it.

Sounds like a marketing Oops to me. Lost out on good money not having Christmas gear. I was ready to buy some Kings

Island Christmas stuff and some KIProject2017 gear. Hopefully they will still have the latter. Any gingerbread fudge???


Santa Snoopy is here too



Glad to see Snoopy is in the spirit too! But uhmm.... is that a dress hes wearing?


Santa should have rocked the red Chucks instead of the black ones.

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Actually, Snoopy was in the Festhaus and later KI Theater. Fortunately for the kids inside, I haven't seen any of the characters outside of AC.

Pretty sure Santa Snoopy is wearing a long coat. But he doesn't wear pants anyway, so does it really matter if it is a coat or dress?

I saw mention on Twitter, I think, of Candy Cane fudge and Gingerbread fudge. I haven't actually been over there tho.

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