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Fortunately, at 49.2 feet, most of the park should be fine.  Flood stage is 52', although the filter building starts flooding at 47'.  It has to get up to nearly 54 or 55' to start impacting the rides office/administration building.  Hopefully things start to dry out here and we can get several days without rain.  I know that my backyard has been a swampy mess for weeks now.

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18 hours ago, upstop said:

Bring back the Haunted House! “Welcome to the house of the dead.” I distinctly remember the booming voice and the crazy organ music. They surely have the blueprints hanging around somewhere. :D

This was a walk through or a ride?

Then they had, the cave, plus everyones favorite, the Lost River. 

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You actually rode through it In Cars similar to the antique taxis at Ki. It was very similar to a Disney Ride. I think the cars were made by ArrowDynamics. I also remember The Bat Cave ride. (Showing my age now) I had to have been 2 or 3 then. I remember riding into the cave and seeing a big bat somewhere near the middle then ending the ride with mannequins of Batman and Robbin... lol. I rode Lost River too but I couldn’t tell you anything about what was inside other than hearing people in boats talking as you floated past them in the dark. 

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