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FINAL Predictions: #KIProject2017

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If anyone who is right starts rubbing it in peoples face, then it would get a swift ignore from me. My guess is.






possibly an inversion, but it could also just be special with some tunnels and the lake interaction.

Record the most wooden track for one park.

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I know that there are plenty of poles and posts with predictions for this Thursdays announcement but with being t-minus 4 days away from the unveiling (as of this writing) use this thread to make your

If this turns out to be a Family Coaster. Who will manufacture it? Honda What will the layout be like? 2/2/3 Anything special about it? Special cup holders for the souvenir cups, side impact air

I think upstop is very close.


Manufacturer: GCI
Length: 2,401 ft (Does anyone else watch The Price is Right?)
Height: 115 ft
Drop: 85 ft


Layout: Like a cross between Prowler and White Lightning. Short, wild, fast, and packed with airtime.

Records: Tallest wooden coaster in the park (It doesn't take much, does it?)

Special: Follows the terrain in a deeply wooded setting. Should make for another crazy-good night ride.

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