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Mystic Timbers Construction Progress


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The construction crew has been busy beavers since I last saw the area.

They've started to dig trenches near the WWC queue area (where they were spray painting Monday) and have even begun to fill some of them with concrete. I saw it from DB and wanted to get some pics but WWC isn't opening until later because of the construction. So I'll update with pics as soon as I'm able.

I'm so excited!

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Hey, friends! This doesn't have anything to do with construction. It does, however, have to do with Mystic Timbers nonetheless. In a different thread/forum here, there has been much discussion about what the spoken nickname should be for Mystic Timbers. MT works well when typing, but it doesn't sound good when speaking. Seeing as so many people aren't huge fans of the name, "Mystic Timbers," we've been trying to come up with a nickname for the ride. And we still have more than eight months to come up with a nickname, because the ride won't open until April at the earliest.

What's your favorite nickname? Please feel free to take the survey below!


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Ok guys so Stashua beat me to it yesterday but I've got some pics from this



Not too much different from when Stashua went through but some updates none the less. Oh and Don was three rows in front of us on the train taking pictures as well. Might see those on his Twitter soon.

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