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Decoding Episode 2.5: BONUS ROUND! Second Announcement!


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My post copied from the original 2017 decoding thread:

Do you think the other announcement will be some upgrades to The Beast and Racer? Maybe GCI gave the park a good deal with having them do track work on both coasters mentioned and new Millennium Flyers. Kinda what they did for Ghost Rider at KBF.

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Racer maybe. But I think they just some major work on Beast a few years ok but I'm not sure.

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Maybe it's that RMC.....

Or maybe that intamin ;).

Well before the teases and hints start coming and I got nuts again I'll put in my wishes for this announcement.

I hope that we see them get some use out of Action Theatre or the Crypt building(yes I know there's a haunt there but it could be moved or something) The crypt building imo is capable of too much just to use for a very short period of the year. I also noticed while on The Racer it seemed like I seen some new things had been pulled out of AT which has from the looks of it turned into a storage unit. Granted that could be for numerous reasons(retrieving somethings from storage they are about to use etc) but I hope maybe they are beginning to clear it out for something special. Sorry I don't have pictures to support what I saw but as you know taking pictures from any of the viewpoints is prohibited.

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Two things I would LOVE to happen.


1. Knock down the old Crypt building for a brand new large log flume next to The Beast. Call it Keelboat Canal 2.0. They could even reuse the old Crypt queue since the first part of it is actually submerged concrete, and give it a haunted theme of some kind. It would be sick.


2. I've said this before, but a 45th anniversary restoration of Racer by GCI. New trackwork, restored 1972 paint job with the red running rails and blue hand rails, LED chasers that run the whole course, and perhaps even new trains from PTC (Millennium Flyers would look REALLY out of place on a traditional out and back).


Honorable Mention: Return of the antique cars. ;)

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I am going to guess wild:

A small drink kiosk next to MT so I can buy a Little Kings to go with my blue jalope ride. Yee-Haw.

But realistically, since I'm thinking of a budget (considering we're getting a new coaster), I'm going to say a new restauarant/dining experience featuring a local brew. I've noticed they often focus attention to the immediate area of a new ride.

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Betting on a flat in the building.


Speaking of which have always wondered why they have kept The Crypt sign still on the entrance, but only covered by a tarp? Maybe another flat in there also called The Crypt? I mean why else keep the sign? I mean think about it. Every other ride that has been demolished has also had their sign demolished as well...


A dark ride is also possible, being called The Crypt. The ride could take you on an exploration through a haunted Crypt? Just a thought...

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I'll go ahead and list things I think may be coming:

-the return of the campground

-another new slide in Soak City

-a dark ride in the Big Box

-a PvZ like attraction in Action Theater

-a new flat ride in Rivertown or Coney Mall

Of these the one I would enjoy most is the return of the campground. Some of my fondest memories of my entire child are in the old Kings Island campground. It's not all unreasonable either. Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and Worlds of Fun all still maintain campgrounds.

Also, I do not think this would be anything related to Haunt or a Winterfest return because, as others have said, why would they announce a seasonal event that is still over a year away?

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I know this will never happen. But I really liked Disaster Transport at CP. Something like that in the tan box would be fun, but it might not even be big enough. I think a triotech is more likely, given the popularity of Wonder Mountain's Guardian.

Also I agree The Racer is due for a new coat of paint.

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I am absolutely excited for Mystic Timbers! I believe it will be an excellent and very fitting addition to the park.


In regards to the second announcement, and this is through my own speculation only, I shall quote Bill Nye, and ask you to consider the following...


  • With Kings Island's last major attraction, Banshee, the park completely refurbished and re-themed what was once a comical and decrepit rename of Top Gun into The Bat.
  • It looks as though Kings Island has been focusing more on getting rid of, or re-imagining non-operational eyesores throughout the park (the demise of Son of Beast comes to mind). I suppose the now permanent haunt buildings are an exception though.
  • When Cedar Fair makes a large capital investment into a B&M coaster, the price tag usually comes the mid twenty-million-dollar price range. GCI coasters purchased by Cedar Fair, in comparison, typically cost less than half of that.
  • With each of the last major additions to the park through Cedar Fair's ownership, we've seen that particular section of the park receive lots of TLC in the form of major refurbishments, which I'm assuming is not cheap. Rivertown has already been refurbished with the debut of Diamondback in 2009.
  • Matt Ouimet has stated that one of his plans for Cedar Fair is to place more of an emphasis on dark rides.
  • Knott's and Wonderland both had great locations for Cedar Fair's new "Amusement Darks", which were reported to cost around the same amount of money as a typical GCI coaster. Ouimet also stated that we can expect to see similar rides at the other parks.
  • Instead of utilizing IP, the "Amusement Darks" rely on telling the story of what is "underneath the park", especially when it comes to specific areas of a park.
  • The Tomb Raider/Crypt building is, quite literally, the perfect place for one of these "Amusement Darks". The building already has the electrical infrastructure, height (for a multilevel dark ride), and easily customizable thematic elements which could make building a new dark ride even more cost effective (can you picture the entrance being turned into a pseudo mine entrance?). In fact, unless the building was poorly constructed like that of Disaster Transport (which I doubt), it would seem almost idiotic to raze such a useful existing frame.
  • With Cedar Fair's emphasis on improving the area around a new attraction, it would be a little odd to leave a big empty tan box right beside their brand new beauty.
  • I'm guessing a lot of first time guests will gravitate towards rides via actually seeing the rides and being curious, rather than by looking at the park map. If a bunch of first time guests are riding up the lift hill of the newest coaster, it's kind of hard to miss the sight of the gigantic building right in front of them. Out of curiosity, they may go and investigate.

See also, http://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-dark-rides-20150415-story.html


Pay particularly close attention to the last line of this article.


This is my analysis, but I'm just thinking out loud.  :)

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After some though, I can see us (maybe not this season, but soon) getting some sort of dark ride in the Big Tan Box. Using an all new original story about a haunted mine (same tone as Phantom Theater).


The queue area would be in the fenced area by Slaughterhouse and you would have to go up a flight of stairs or even an elevator like you would see in mine shafts up to the top of the proverbial Big Tan Box where there would be an inside queue with a backstory pre-show and from there you hop aboard a mine car and go downwards deep into the mine. The name could be Mystic Mine (similar theming as Mystery Mine at Dollywood) and have a similar experience to Wonder Mountain's Guardian. 


The original Crypt & Cavern of Terror queue can be used as a gift shop/relaxation area.

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 Anybody have a guess on what the cost would be to add a big modern log flume or themed boat ride? Is it possible they could use the big box for a themed log/boat ride? In the same concept as this this:





 I would rather just use some of the many woods KI has for a new log flume, but this could be a possibility. I don't mean the same theme as this picture, but you get what I mean.

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