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SeaWorld Parks 2017: Sea rescue-themed coaster, VR on Kraken, orca encounters, and more

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"The new Orca Encounter will be based on killer whale behavior in the wild: what they eat, how they hunt, how they navigate"

Ok, I have seen Discovery Channel shows on killer whale behavior in the wild. They eat things like baby seals and they hunt in packs, exhausting their prey and instigating a slow painful death.

I doubt this is what the GP wants to take their 5 year old daughter on vacation to witness. Then again, mass murder is common in the first five minutes of popular Disney movies and the kids seem to eat it up, what do I know?

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The same reason behind the FDA switching from testing on monkeys and pound animals to breaking the hearts of pet owners around the globe when the 'tried and tested' medical trials fail and the owner is left with nothing but a discarded leash-


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