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The Great Pumpkin Fest thoughts?


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I actually really enjoyed it. I got there around 5, just before it closed up at 6. My daughter is only 2 years old, so she didn't quite know much other than "people put toys and candy in my bag". She seemed to really like the mazes however, and seeing the characters.


I think there was a good amount of activities for the kids to do, the trick or treating was nice even if it was small things. I saw a lot of kids with costumes, so I guess the parade was fun. I look forward to going again a bit earlier and playing some of the games, which all look to be around a dollar each, which is cool.

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It was perfect for the very little crowd, say up to 7 or 8 years of age.  Maybe 6 or so games for $1-$2 to play that were very easy and I think everyone one won a prize, pony ride and mazes were simple and fun.  They gave away very small pumpkins at the end of one maze.  It felt very un-Kings Island (in a good way!)  as it was very simple, free stuff, not extremely crowded. 


There was an area that they could play in a big pit of foam, my kids loved it but were pretty soaked afterwards.  So keep that in mind if you go during cold weather.  My advice would be to go early as I saw a lot of parents that seemed disappointed that Planet Snoopy started to close at 5, and the Pumpkin Fest was done at 6 sharp.  Plan accordingly and it will be a nice time for the little ones!

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Yes, its still in Soak City.  We took our three year old there and he loved it!  While he was a little nervous about doing the bubbles he really liked everything else.  I think the park did an amazing job on this!  Even only charging $1.00 for a pony ride and having some cheap carnival style games the kids can play.  

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