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Star Wars Land: Abandon Your Ride Vehicles!

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Updates for the new Star Wars Land confirms that, at least for one of their rides, guests will be required to abandon their ride vehicles mid-ride, then re-board later.


According to this article, a ride themed around escaping Stormtroopers will require guests to, "rush to your wireless and trackless vehicle and board and then disembark and re-board the vehicles on different levels of the massive ride building several times during the course of a long experience, all while under attack by Stormtroopers"




Image and Article Source: (http://www.slashfilm.com/star-wars-land-update/)


For those of you who might worry that this ride will be nothing more than a bunch of projection screens, have no fear! The article claims that the ride/attraction will contain 150 Stormtrooper animatronics as well as other animatronics of miscellaneous Star Wars characters both small and large.


So what do you think about this concept? Do you think it's a good idea to have guests get in and out of a ride vehicle during the course of a ride?  Could this have potential to cause any problems?

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Since it's Disney, I'm sure guest access & capacity will be well thought-out. From an operations standpoint, I'd envision it being two rides separated by a very interactive queue.


I do like the idea of having a longer experience. Getting up and interacting with the set before re-boarding the ride could be really cool.

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I'm very curious how this will work but sounds awesome. Would be great if they had actual cast members as Stormtroopers chasing you. Could have most be animatronic but having 2/3 actually chasing you would be cool. though I doubt that as I'm sure actual running will be frowned on due to the increased chance of falling and hurting one's self. 

I will be curious though to see how they handle the reloading int he middle of an attraction as well as ADA requirements, but I'm sure they will have something great in place. Probably be something that is a simple restraint system (at least on the second half) that is like the omnimovers or POTC type boat rides that require no real restraint or a seatbelt only like Dinosaur and ToT.

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Well it wouldn't be a first for Disney as they have live performers on Great Movie Ride. But not expecting it, especially the chase since could cause some liability issues. Could see something like GMR where you have a Captain/platoon leader type person that is riding with you and leads you through the areas to the next vehicle when you disembark.

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