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How much Longer does Racer and Beast have before they break down?


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Considering Cedar Fair is far superior in their upkeep and maintenance toward their rides than Camden Park and that Big Dipper at Camden Park has been around since 1958 (and not treated with the tender loving care that the Cedar Fair rides are treated to), I would think that The Racer and The Beast roller coaster(s) would both still have quite a bit of shelf life on them.  

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^ From the first page of this thread:

On 12/29/2016 at 8:26 AM, Magenta Lizard said:

During one of The Beast tours I was on, Don Helbig mentioned something like 90-some percent of the wood is still the original, too. It's got a really long potential lifespan with proper maintenance. I don't foresee it going anywhere for a long time.


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I actually really like this topic.  I used to wonder the same things when I was younger.


The truth is, a roller coaster is not a car.  It's unlikely that it will hit an end-of-life due to maintenance issues (unless they had plagued it from the beginning).   As others have mentioned, Kings Island has teams of carpenters and mechanics whose job it is to keep these rides in top condition.   The track is walked daily during operation and has cyclical work done in the offseason.  The trains are broken down annually and restored - with even the manufacturer only recommending having to due this every third year.

Also as someone stated, the end of the life of both rides will be when the land becomes more valuable for something else than it does for the ride.  I can imagine that The Beast will outlive all of us, but I could see The  Racer becoming so obsolete that it would be replaced - but that would be very very far in the future.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this would be the situation for another coaster in the short term.

What to do until opening day?  Keep reading the forums, watch some YouTube videos about KI, and concentrate on your studies.  April will be here before you know it!

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I agree too that both rides will probably only retire if the land is needed and unless a problem happens during the ride multiple times, I dont see either going anywhere. They were built much better than our short lived Son of Beast or something like that. 

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