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KI Advertisements Through the Years


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4 hours ago, cdubbs727 said:

This was one I remember from my childhood -- and realizing it was the opening year for Vortex, 30 years ago, it makes me feel really old. 


I miss the foot long coney island the father & son are eating at 0:39. IIRC, weren't those were sold in Rivertown? I seem to remember getting one from the (now) named Rivertown Potatoworks.

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I remember when looking up info of The Beast I saw this old school commercial, I Loved the voice of the dude on the commercial, He made the ride seem more mysterious and creepy. Sometimes for some reason, I act like I'm a voice actor for Kings Island. I do his voice and I'm like "Come and ride The Beast at Kings Island. The video is from fenikowiski. 


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On 2/20/2017 at 11:54 AM, SonofBaconator said:

This is a thread where people can share and discuss old or current KI advertisements from commercials to posters and everything in between. 

I miss old advertisements like these. I honestly think park marketing was way better years ago. 

 I haven't seen this commercial in years! I love it! I hope someone will turn up the Adventure Express commercial from the same year. I remember it vividly and was terrified to ride the coaster for the first time after marketing really sold the theme in that early tv spot. 

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