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4 hours ago, MillenniumforceMike said:

I've always wondered. Why did KI switch out the stacks on #12?

Most likely for what @kimv1972 said earlier. I came across this on KI History's Facebook page. Notice how it still says Tecumseh on it so its gotta still be the 80s. Who knows, but this might be the picture of them altering the stack. Also the domes used to be blue so perhaps they were painted red in this picture.


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Note the number has been painted over on the headlight and the bracket is changed to yellow.  It looks like a sleeve on the stack, so that probably was the beginning of the new capstack.  Do we know exactly what year the engines were renamed?  This pic was after Whitewater Canyon was put in, since there is concrete across the tracks.

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Attached is the obituary in Live Steam Magazine for Ken Williams, Crown Metal Products founder.  It was my recollection that Ken died later in the year between the delivery of #19 and #12, but apparently he was already gone before #19 arrived in October or November 1972.  Ken's son Bert would have been responsible for delivering both engines and testing them.  During the early years, the Losantiville station had a sign reading "Ken Williams, Stationmaster".

ken williams obit.jpg

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When I first toured the park in December 1971 with someday-to-be-park-manager-Al Weber, the station platform corral was stacked full of the canoes to be used on the two canoe rides.  That appears to be some of them in one of the pictures.  And I vaguely remember Bert Williams wearing a fishing hat like that.  You may have discovered pictures of the very first test runs of #12 in February 1972.  The ties appear to have a light dusting of snow on them.

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