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Sea World Orlando Photo TR (3-28-17)

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My wife and I took a trip to SeaWorld Orlando. It was our first ever trip there and we were excited to check out the rides and the shows. We arrived right at rope drop and headed straight to Mako. Unfortunately, Mako was closed until 11 so we went to ride Manta. The park was DEAD all day. Every ride was a walk on or at max a two train wait for the front row. 


Manta was my first B&M flyer and it was pretty fun. The pretzel loop is really intense outside of that the ride was really enjoyable and reridable. The inversions were pretty fun and the dive over the water was pretty impressive as well. I thought Manta used the area and theming very well as the trees and water seemed really close. That made the ride seem like it was going faster than it really was.


Our next ride with Kraken. This ride was really fun. This B&M floorless coaster is very forceful and paced well. My favorite element of the ride was the final corkscrew kind of surprising coming out of the tunnel and snaps you pretty good. The zero-g roll was outstanding as well.


The last ride we went on was Mako. This B&M hyper was pretty good. The first half of the ride was really fun and filled with air time the unfortunate part is the mid-course brake run and the brakes coming out of the hammerhead turn completely neuters the second half of the ride. I believe the front two rows are actually better than the last two rows which is surprising to me since I'm all about airtime. The low to the ground airtime hill before the MCBR is very solid. It's still a very fun ride but not as good as the other hypers that I have been on.

 Final Ride Count:

Overall, SeaWorld Orlando has a good collection of rides and although I won't review the shows we went to, all of the shows and animal exhibits were great. The animal exhibits plus the rides create a good combo for this to be a family park. The only knock that I had on the park was they didn't have very many in between rides. It was basically roller coasters or animal exhibits and shows not really much in between. It was a great park and very photogenic. Below are the photos that I took during the trip. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Manta Track


Manta Flyover


Manta's "Splash"


Nerd shot of Manta's wheel assembly in action


Manta flyover


Mako nerd shot


"Artsy" Mako photo


Mako's turn after the MCBR


Kraken heading into its tunnel


Wide angle photo of Kraken's loop with a Mako train in the background


Mako's gorgeous finale


High speed sweep over the water


Snappy Kraken inversion



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