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Hi all,

I'm new to KIC (even though my husband - a KIC Star Member - has been trying to get me to post on here for years!) and was curious if anyone knows how the breakdown of Profile "Ranks" works - i.e. What are the requirements to "rank up"?  What are the ranks?  I know you have to post a lot to rank up. 

Not that it's important for me right now, but it's just something I'm curious about! I tried doing a search but couldn't find any info.

Thanks in advance!  ;)

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I think, if it hasn't been changed, it goes from "KIC Tourist" to "KIC Local," etc., right up until you can simply name your own rank. I think if you play around with the members filter, you might be able to detect at which level each "rank" is awarded.  I find it kind of fun, and a way to gauge how much time and energy KIC fans have devoted to the fabric of the forums.

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