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Cedar Point PTR 5-13-17

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This past Saturday, I took my first trip of the year up to Sandusky. It was also the first time one of my good friends has visited in some time. Last time he visited, Top Thrill Dragster was the new coaster and it intimidated him to the point that he wouldn't even ride. It was also a first time visit for my other buddy. We had a great time! I almost purchased Fast Lane Plus for this day due to the nice weather (60, sunny, and winds less than 10mph) but decided to wait it out until we got to the park- I'm glad I did. 

We left Cincinnati at 7:30am on Saturday. Stopped to get breakfast and made a couple of stops along the way- we arrived around 11:30am. Took the usual route, I-71 to State Route 13 and rode U.S. 250 into Sandusky. Just a heads up if heading that way soon...State Route 13 is closed once it splits from U.S. 250, so if you take State Route 13 to State Route 2 and come into the park on U.S. 6, you'll have to either take State Route 2 to U.S. 6 by going up by Maui Sands and heading east or stay on U.S. 250 to go to the park.

Once we arrived at the park, we headed around to the Soak City lot and parked there. Work on the old Mean Streak is continuing and there is track also staged in the parking lot for Soak City. This thing is going to be insane and I can't wait to see what RMC has in store. The improvements to the Resort/CP Shores gate look amazing! I do have to say though that I miss the old tunnel that went underneath the road.

First ride of the day was on Magnum XL-200. 10-15 minute wait. We sat in 2-1 and 2-2. Great ride as always, but not trimless as was the case when I rode in August of last year.

After this, the CP app reported Maverick at a 30 minute wait. Decided to check the line out for Gemini on the way back. Red side only was running- looked like a 30 minute wait as the queue was back to the midway, we passed on this. Got back to Maverick and waited 45 minutes. Amazing ride in rows 5 and 6. Maverick is one of my favorite rides at this park and one of my top coasters. 

Immediately following, we headed up towards the front and rode Gatekeeper. App had it at an hour wait, we waited maybe 30 minutes at the most for rows 4 and 5. Following this, we were in search for food. Every stand and every restaurant had a long line. Was going to stop into Melt and try it out but forgot all about it. Stopped in the Red Garter Saloon for some food and some beer and then made a trip to the car to get some sunscreen and some eyedrops for my buddy.

Once we were back inside we headed toward Valravn. The app had the wait time at 90 minutes but we waited 45 minutes for it. The ride also went down temporarily before we were set to board. We rode in the middle row on this one. After Valravn, we headed towards Millennium Force- my buddy has waited 10+ years to ride it and was looking forward to it. We waited 45 minutes and got rows 5 and 6. Amazing ride as always. 

Last but certainly not least. After that Millennium Force ride, all of us were finally ready to conquer the tallest coaster in the park, Top Thrill Dragster. As I mentioned earlier, last time my buddy was on Point, he was scared to death of it and ended up not riding. Additionally, out of all my visits to Cedar Point, I had not ridden it either as it was either down, too windy, or I was too intimidated to ride. We joined the line and waited only 20 minutes. We rode right as it was getting dark. I'm pumped to ride, I'm ready for it. I sit down in the car, I buckle those weird seatbelts that Intamin loves to use on their coasters and pulled down the lapbar. We got the all clear and advanced out of the station to the launch position. Needless to say I was sweating bullets for that launch- I've never been like this on a coaster! The train rolls back slightly and the brake fins disappear into the track, and then....WOW! I had my head down during the launch as I didn't want to take a bug to the face at 120 mph. We rode in row 4, my buddy in row 2. I was speechless when we got back to the station. I was still processing what had just happened when I got off of the ride. That launch is the most intense element I've ever experienced on a coaster and was the best part of the ride for me as well as the ascent up the top hat, the crest, and the return trip back down. I loved it! One of my top coasters in that park now for sure!

After this, we headed down to Buffalo Wild Wings on U.S. 250 before heading home. Arrived back to my apartment on the east side of Cincinnati shortly before 3AM. Long day, but was well worth it.

Tomorrow, Holiday World!

FunPix photos are attached.














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