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What could 2018 bring KI

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Sorta off topic but I decided to show the timeline from 2000 until now to show nearly the last two decades of the park. Action Zone Rivertown

Taking a year off from adding rides and focusing on food service would be my choice.  

A quick conceptual sketch I did for a restaurant featuring some classic Coney design elements:  

Posted Images

Waking up to dust off my profile for just my third post since November. 

Kings Island in 2018- looking forward to the former Dodgem (& Cuddle Up) Building replacement... with a tasty Coney Island theme of the Soak City Smoke House.  Dinosaur's Alive, intriguing concept- stuck around a LOT longer than I thought it would.  Replacement for that, I'd love a well-themed X-Base expansion that gives an experience you'll come back for time and time again.  Hope that the proverbial "giga" isn't destined for that area.  It would just be a larger version of Diamondback- and thus move it towards obsolescence.  

Unique/Creative experience will trump a "thrill" every time and keep lines coming back.  

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It won't happen, as I know it's a business and all that...but I'd love to see 2018 bring considerably less "bring a friend" days.  It creates such a packed park and really lessens the overall experience.  And a lot of times they pop up a few days prior...so if you've made plans to go a specific day and see that, you know you're in for a busy day. 


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On 1/17/2018 at 3:24 PM, chugh43 said:

Yes,  in the form of HARLEY QUINN Crazy Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom :Pdiscoverykingdom_image2.jpg?itok=ontBeyH



Shocking to me that this ride has two trains at the same time.  


About the DB seats.  People are going to be sitting in them all day, when are they going to get  that hot?  Other rides have black seats, it's going to be ok.

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27 minutes ago, teenageninja said:

Shocking to me that this ride has two trains at the same time.

One, actually. If you look at the loop on the left side of the picture, you can see the low-profile "cars" connecting the two passenger sections.

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$100 seems reasonable to me especially if it includes the water park and even better if it has platinum pass benefits.  Zoombezi Bay charges $69 for an all season locker rental.   Might not be worth it for singles, but if you have kids especially little ones with all the accessories they require.


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