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Hersheypark 2018: water coaster & record-breaking mat racer

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I saw this too, lol. That's why I watched the video and I was like, oh... it's a water coaster.

In all seriousness, though, are the bowl turns on flying saucer slides just to look cool or do the rafts actually ever do a 360 turn around before proceeding with the rest of the course*?

*EX: What I mean is when the raft hits the turn, does it ever spin around the bowl once and then proceed with the rest of the course or does it always make the turn without spinning in the bowl (Sorry if this sounds confusing)?

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From the way it looks, the bowl is just for show, and the raft does not spin around the bowl.  It just doesn`t look like it adds much other than a cool visual.

The mat racer is going to have a heck of a flight of stairs to get to the top of the platform.

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This was a much needed addition. The Boardwalk only has 6 slides (not counting any in the play structure or kids area) and can get long lines even on slow days and next year will be the first time I visit the water park there in almost 10 years. 

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Thanks for answering, CoastersRZ and Aintnutinelse2do. I was just curious as it seems weird to have that saucer part and then only use 1/4 of it... oh well, it looks cool anyways!

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