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Time Traveler- 2018 Coaster for Silver Dollar City

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CF parks aren't the only ones doing announcements. Silver Dollar City is up to some 2018 goodness as well.

Introducing Time Traveler.  The tallest (100 ft), fastest (50.3 mph) and steepest (90 degrees) spinning coaster with a 0-47 mph in 3 seconds launch, 2nd launch later in the layout, 3 inversions, just a hair over 3000 ft long designed by Mack. 



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Upon watching the teaser trailer for the coaster (which can be found on SDC's site and above), I think the trailer itself is cool and reminds me of a Disney movie trailer, especially those from the 90's where they had a featurette about the movie (or in this case, about Silver Dollar City) before the trailer. I'll see if I can find said trailer so you can see what I mean...

EDIT: Here it is, enjoy! :)

EDIT2: Actually, nevermind, I realized the trailer is posted above, so go check out Silver2005's opening post! :P

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Upon further review, this seems like a bit of overkill, at least for me.  Exterminator was pretty wild with the spinning, but adding in all those insane elements seems like one of those moments a la RCT- spinning coaster 1 looks too intense for me! :P

I'd probably still ride it though.  

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