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8-18 Birthday Trip


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Yesterday was my yearly trip to King's Island, and it was also my birthday. It turned out to be the absolute perfect day to go, and had almost a perfect day with no real hiccups. The day began at around 10:30 AM and my group and I went to the Mystic Timbers lockers then went straight to the ride. The wait was around 10 minutes, which was MUCH shorter than I expected it to be. I was seated in the back row and had an amazing ride experience. As my first ride on Mystic Timbers, it was an amazing ride and one of my favorites in the park! Then I was able to almost walk on to Diamondback, and sat in the back car of that aswell. The other highlights of my day included riding Flight of Fear for the first time. It was alot more enjoyable than expected, but it did give me a headache on repeat rides. An oddity I experienced was the fact that Banshee was alot more shaky than remembered. It unexpectedly gave me a headache after riding so bad that I had to sit down for almost half an hour. Is that something anyone else has encountered?

I ate my meal at KI at the Reds Resteraunt and split a 12 piece boneless wings, which at $12.99 was alot cheaper than I expected and it was of better quality than other food I had seen in the rest of the park. I did end up biting the bullet aswell and buying the Souvenir Drink Cup and definitely used the refill stations more than twice! I also bought a Mystic Timbers sweatshirt that was only $29.99 which was quite a deal considering where I was buying it!

Overall a very fun trip, and I was extremely glad I went.

Ride Count:
Diamondback - 5
Flight of Fear - 3
Mystic Timbers - 2
The Beast - 2
Banshee - 2
Backlot Stunt Coaster - 1
Racer - 1
The Bat - 1
Delirium - 1
Adventure Express - 1

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